Friday, 28 March 2014

Embarrasing moments with Ruby Roo

Well I think I have topped the most embarrassing day of my life today. 8.30 am Wearing my Hello Kitty onsie, I went to put the rubbish in the bin out side. Mistake number one, I didn't look to see if there was a small person with 4 legs and a tail next to me. Mistake number two, I opened the front door and walked out, Ruby shot out too, like a champagne cork Grrr!. Mistake 3, Dump garbage in bin and run after her, like an idiot calling her name. Well she thought it was a hoot. Off she sped into the near by gardens, crossing the road. My heart in my mouth going after her, In this bloody Hello Kitty Onsie. 15 mins later and seen by every bugger. I catch her and stick her under my arm. No point being dignified now, lol. March across the road and into my driveway. Feeling as if I am going to have a heart attack. I get up to the front door. To be greeted by Tolstoy. Bet he was thinking OMG, I don't know her.

Sit down to catch my breath, and then the postie comes to the door. Shit, it just gets better and better! Classic WTF moment. I said don't mind me, I just got back from catching the dog. I shall now go back inside and quietly have a heart attack (or die of shame). How embarrassing, I wonder if the neighbours have stopped laughing yet. DOGS, Grrrr!