Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Missing Flight 370: My view on this mystery

I have been looking at the cards off and on with this mystery  from the start.
First I would like to say, I feel this aircraft is not under any  water. I feel It was forced to land in a jungle some where ( Diego Garcia perhaps?). The crew and passengers, I feel have now died. I am sorry to say.
Many of us psychics are finding it very hard to get a look at this by the way. There is a lot of negativity involved by those that did this terrible thing. I feel they are in some way preventing psychics from finding out the truth. But the truth or some of it at least will come out.

Today as I am going over the cards again, I feel the spirits of all on board are sending out a distress call. I see them standing in a circle, around the aircraft holding hands. It feels like they are trying to guide the rescuers to them.

Right from the start, I felt that some new form of weapon technology is involved. Not an EMP, but some form of energy that can not be seen with the naked eye. To me it feels like military Intelligence, of some nation and a powerful International technology company, that makes military equipment are involved in this.  I can't quite put my finger on this. But I felt they were deliberately targeted.
The pilot was unable to do much about this. I feel he did try to protect the passengers in some way.

There is a struggle by the powers that be to keep a lid on this. They will withhold information from the public, I feel that that is to do with who is behind this evil. They will only give part of the story. It might even be a false press statement. many will work the truth out though.

In my first reading and vision, I felt something aimed from the right hand side at the nose of the aircraft. As in Energy directed at the plane. It does not have to do any damage to the plane though.
 I do feel that the people on board did feel something unusual kind of like turbulence of a sudden movement that was unexpected. I also saw a flight attendant suddenly look up as she was caught off guard. To me it looked like she was serving someone, and she suddenly looks out the window by instinct with the sudden movement of the aircraft.

That was all I picked up at first. I am now trying to put the pieces together.  The thing is not to try too hard or I might not get the true facts. This is best done by gut feelings, to try and force information to come to me results in imagination creeping in to the equation and I do not want to do that.
I will post more If I feel there is anything else to add. I did hear the name Sumatra or something that sounded like Sumatra. I have no idea if it is relevant though. I am just putting it out there. I go with what I see and hear.

Update: For those that are aware of the metaphysical world, just remember this was the Ides of March! That also has significance to this matter and a full moon. We all know what that means, don't we.  Dates for the Ides of March are 15th to 17th. This is a very dark plot that we are looking at.  I strongly believe this air craft was force landed by remote in a jungle island , not far from Sumatra.

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