Sunday, 8 April 2012

Living in a world of Darkness and Evil: where did it start

We are living in a very Dark work at present. Every one is angry, frightened and confused about what is going on around them and the world in general at present. What has happened to cause all this, some are wondering. It is a long story my friends. To understand the present we need to look deep in to our past. That is where it all began.

This world that we live in, is not what most of us are lead to believe it is. The History of our world is not what we think it is. There is so much just under the surface, that has been carefully hidden from us. Our churches are not what we think they are, the leaders of our world are not what we think they are.

What we, have been doing is following blindly, gullible, like children for thousands of years. Never questioning our alleged betters. They know what is best for us, right?

What if I said, no, you are wrong. What we have been told all along is a complete lie, a deliberate lie. This comes as a hell of a shock to most people. Automatically the shutters go up, every one goes into denial mode. They do not want to hear what is being said. The do not believe what is being said. Utter nonsense, they will say. But is it? I ask you to step outside of the box that you live in. Or, should I say, the box that you have been put in. Which is more precise.  People are used to rules and regulation. It is normal after all. We need structure and guidance in our daily lives don't we. But who is it that sets the boundaries for  society to follow, safely  within the parameters? This is where it all starts to get interesting, dark, sinister even.

Suddenly we find ourselves looking back in to the far distant past. It is a long, long, journey back to the beginning of mankind. We cannot pin point the exact date, due to factors beyond our ken at present. But we can take a guesstimate. Now, I am no scholar, please bear that in mind. I do however, do a hell of a lot of reading. I talk to people, and I ask questions, ok. That is where I am coming from. So please bear with me.

It has been alleged by many academics that the history of man is not as Darwin has suggested. It is also not as suggested in the bible either. Something totally different in fact. Many people at this point in time, are now
open to the thought that man did not come from the apes, and that is why we can not find the missing link. There never was a missing link in the first place. At least not the way Darwin says. Many are of the opinion that man is a hybrid creature, designed by alien beings off planet. Names like the Nephilim, Annunaki, the Watchers and Reptilians are banded about these days.

I believe Humanity is mature enough, to be told the truth of who we really are. 2012 is the turning point  for all of this to start coming out. Now as I was saying about our history not being what we are told etc, well what about starting with the Visitors, ET's or what ever you want to call them. The stories about them coming to this planet thousands of years ago and setting up shop so to speak. Having a look at the resources on this planet and thinking, " Gee this place will suit us just fine. Lets do the business here guys".

So, was there a human species here at the time or not? Yes it was, the Annunaki called them the Namlu'lu.   We do know that the ET's used their own DNA and mixed it with the DNA of the Namlu'lu and other humanoids. They took several goes to get it right. They made some nasty mistakes along the way too, we have evidence in the bible, mythology and ancient texts to refer to for information on this. Now these Human hybrids were not designed to think independently or to  rationalize. They were just drones to work for their masters. This went on for a period of hundreds of years may be thousands. But some where along the line some of these ET's decided that the females of these hybrid humans were a good looking sort. So they decided to breed with these females. This is where the change occurred.

Most people are familiar with that, I won't call it a theory. As it is more than just a theory. There is evidence to back this up. Now these hybrids were spread out all over the planet. they were not just in what we now call Africa, or the Middle East. They were all over the planet. The Et's had many air craft at their disposal.

So they kept watch over everyone. At some point a disagreement came about between the factions ET's. We know that this was  partly because the ET's started to breed with the human hybrids. The bible and other texts clearly state this. The time line is the problem. Information has been corrupted by many hands, and for obvious reason.

These ET's, were not exactly pure as the driven snow by the way, some of them had good intentions, but not all of them. Up until the point that there was no breeding with the hybrids, all was fine. But some of these ET's broke the rules and all hell broke loose. These Et's also had an other reason for not breeding with the hybrids, apart from keeping them as just slaves or work drones. These hybrids supposedly  did not possess the abilities that ET's had such as telepathy, psychic abilities etc.

However the Namlu'lu were psychic (and multi-dimensional spiritual beings). They supposedly did not have self awareness as we know it. That was until some of these ET's started to get the idea that, those hybrid females were good sorts, as stated in many books and websites over the years.

This is where it all started to get even more murky. Eventually there were elites referred to as Gods and Goddesses. This was the ET's and their new upgraded human hybrids family. Not all of the human hybrids were like these new race of human. These particular beings were set apart as they came from a special bloodline ( O negative). Bloodline, is the key word here. This new bloodline was set up to rule the planets, dynasties.

These people had the power to do what they wanted when they wanted.  They also had a dark side to them. they were capable of evil. The humans that had not bred with them did not possess that ability. They were docile. That is one of the fundamental differences between the species created.

Now these dark entities of the Bloodline are around us today. They are of the opinion that they own the planet and us. The planet is real estate to them we are their slaves. But here comes the fly in the ointment. Many people are waking up to this, so in order to distract us they need war, greed and perversion, to distract us from the truth. It seems to have been working so well too, up until a couple of years ago. Now it has started a bee swarm of angry people world wide. Those people will not stop until they get the truth. They will not let a war stop them.

So now we are in the middle of a big conundrum. The awake and aware v's the evil and the asleep at the wheel brigade. Scary times ahead folks. Please stop and think before you react to what is going on in the world. We need love, compassion and common sense. This evil on the earth may be around for ages to come if we do not get rid of it. That means a life of misery for the 99% on this planet.
The  ball is in their court, they have the power in their hands, but without spirituality they will keep the evil going and feed it too.

I urge you to read the Wes Penre papers for an insight into this. It is heavy reading but well worth it.
One thing that must also be kept in mind is the third dimension is a very low spiritual frequency; in fact it is a locked frequency. It can not be anything else and thus we have conflict. There will always be evil and negativity in the third dimension. This is a deep subject on its own and I can't just tack it on to this post.

Update:  November 2020, Reading into Gnosticism an other name I came across for humans was Anthropos, hence  the word anthropology.