Monday, 2 April 2012

C Major and its effect on the mind

Music is just music to be enjoyed right? Errrr, WRONG. Let me explain in a quick simple way, then you can click on the links below.

First, everything in the Universe vibrates to a frequency, including us. It has been proven along with the fact that everything in this universe is mathematical based also. Vibrations effect everything and every one. Please excuse my over simple terminology as I am no scientist, just a psychic, lol. long story short. In early 20th Century scientists discovered that music can affect us and all living things such as plants and animals. We are all familiar also with the expression good vibes and bad vibes right?

Well It was discovered that the note C major affects us in a very interesting way. It works on our brain and our emotions.This is  well documented research I must point out not just a theory.

Now remember this when watching TV, lol all those annoying ads, and how loud they are. The Modern music that we listen to. Think about when you drive your car with the music up loud, you automatically start speeding. An accident can occur so easily when we are distracted by music.

Music can influence your mood, put you in the mood to go shopping and spend money that you don't have,  this is where the credit card comes in and before you know it you are in debt.

Music that makes you angry, music that makes you anti social. Music that divides people over race ,, religion etc. Get the picture?   Very clever tool when used by people that want to control and manipulate you. Do you know how long this has been going on? Would it shock you to know that is  constantly in use from the 20th century to now. But was also done in centuries gone by albeit is a simple format.

No wonder we tell our kids turn that rubbish off, it does my head in. Because it actually is. I listen to classical music or soft gentle music as a general rule. I only have my music on softly when I listen to it. Soft Celtic music is the best for me. I still love just the sound of the birds in my garden too. After all silence is golden, is it not.