Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Busy times

Hi Readers

Just letting you know that I am flat out with the normal every day things that a mother and wife has to do.
I haven't even got near my studies for over a week. So you might not see much on my blog for a little while.

I will get back into the blogging as soon as I can. Christmas shopping also being a time waster from my usual daily routine too. I am so over all the shopping. I would like to go back to basics, which this Christmas is falling into place. Putting the word out with friends about keeping the silly season simple. Keeping spending to a minimum. Thank God I don't have a credit Card. I have never had one in my life, as I have never liked them.

You will find life much simpler cutting back on all the consumerism. I feel this is the death of consumerism, and not before time. Life was never like this 50 or 60 years ago. How on Earth did we allow ourselves to get this way. Our children have been born in to this sort of greedy society and accept it as normal.
It is up to all of us to correct this, and do it quickly to save them from financial  misery.

Accountability and responsibility are the key words that the young people need to listen to and take on board. They need our help  to understand what is going on. Every parent has the responsibility to teach their children this. This is not negotiable either. You will not be doing them any favours by just letting them go on their merry way without good practical guidance to start them off in life.

The throw away society that we live in is at an end. We all have to get our act together. You can live with less and soon many will not have the choice either. So start to make the adjustments in your lives to ease you through the transition that is sweeping the Globe.

I wish everyone all the very best of luck for the new year that is arriving and and hope that we all make it through the financial collapse and come out the other end a bit better off.
Spend the holidays with those that you love and please keep an eye on those that have no one to care for them. Check on the elderly too, and please don't forget the animals.
Animals are very important too. They need food, water a warm bed and most of all love.