Friday, 14 February 2020

Wes Penre video 206

The latest Wes Penre video. I have said in other posts similar to what Wes has said here, what if the universe is a giant simulation as well as within another program. He is possibly correct that there could be infinite programs we could be involved in. Not just this lifetime but multiple life’s in other realities/ simulations happening throughout the constructed universe that we exist in and infinite universes/ simulations.

Just avoiding going into the light is only one thing we need to be aware of, but what we are doing within the limits of the universe. I have heard it said this is a locked universe in psychic circles years ago, which started my curiosity and that helped me to drift away from the path most psychics are on.

Keep an open mind and research because you are the only one that can set you free from this reincarnation cycle of abuse humanity is trapped in. One person at a time finds their way to freedom. We don’t compromise on our freedom.

Update Wes is answering questions on his Facebook page at present on this so if you are on Facebook please feel free to ask him questions. Also read the comments people have posted.