Saturday, 29 February 2020

Tarot Card of the month: March 2020, The King of Cups

Element: Water female energy, passive
Direction: West
Zodiac: Pisces

The key meanings of the King of Cups card are, emotions, intuition, diplomacy, wisdom, clam, tolerance and creativity.

With current world events as well as an individual's current circumstances it is a highly symbolic card. Take heed of the warnings! As you know there is a positive and a negative aspect to each tarot card. I try to stick to the positive interpretations, you can basically swap the meanings over to the negative but it is best to think positive lest we attract the negative by holding the thought.

Starting with the description of the background of the card, you see the grey sky, representing spirituality. Below that is a blue/green sea with the waves crashing around the king on his throne. Blue and green are colours also aligned to the heart chakra as in emotions and healing.

Notice the little fish to the right representing emotions and on the left a ship also representing travel or journeying of the mind. The important thing here is to keep our thoughts and emotions in balance or under control. The throne is on a slab of rock and is quite stable as it floats on the turbulent waves. The king looks unphased by the situation. He is calm and composed and can therefore think clearly.
His eyes are showing him deep in thought and looking left, which from the southern hemisphere is looking west. Notice above the Direction is west also. 

Looking at the king's clothes notice the blue robe he wears, reflecting emotions and a healing energy aligned to the heart chakra. he wears a yellow/golden cloak which is also a positive spiritual colour aligned to the solar chakra, he has trims of red alluding to passion and emotions and the base chakra.
Notice the chain on his neck with the fish? This is again to do with the emotions and mind and the star sign Pisces.
The kings right foot is slightly touching the edge of the rock, perhaps in a steadying  position as you wold not have your feet together to steady your balance.
In the kings hands are a chalice or cup in his right hand and what looks like a rod in his left hand, balancing of power and emotions.

The cup suite refer to the season of Autumn/Fall. This time of year in Australia marks the Autumn.1st March is the official start of Autumn, however it is best to use the equinox/ solstice date 21 March.

So the take away message is for us to be wise like the king and stay grounded and spend a little time in a meditative state weighing up what is going on in our lives and external things affecting us through the month of March.

We must not let things get the better of us emotionally speaking. This could be disastrous otherwise. One other meaning with the King of Cups card is the person can have a bit of "foot in mouth"  saying the wrong thing but still meaning well. 

I hope this timely warning is most beneficial to my readers. Blessings and love to all.