Sunday, 29 September 2019

Tarot Card of the month, October 2019, The King of Pentacles

Element: Earth, Planet, Mercury  Zodiac Taurus

This is quite a fruitful card for October when read in the upright position. Notice the ruling planet is Mercury which is the planet for communication. It is funny this card pops up again so soon. It came up in July also. That would be a reminder to stay on track. You can read the other notes here on the symbols on the card.

Starting with the background, the sky is a golden yellow, which is very fortunate. It represents joy, happiness, success, intellect the solar chakra . So that is a good start. Next we look at the castle, which tells us he is a self made man and has good stable foundations, as does the lush and fertile foliage behind him. The water represents consciousness, Next we see the stone wall behind him (battlement) his boundaries are secure.

The throne has four bulls heads, the four cardinal points as well as the constellation of Taurus and the star sign of Taurus. I wonder if it also represents the Apis bull of  Memphis in ancient Egypt too? You will note the horns are blunted on the bull heads showing he is tamed or subdued by the king.

The king wits on his throne wearing many symbolic symbols, starting with his crown. Which bears roses and lilies, the colours of which are also important, Red and white. They allude to upper Egypt and lower Egypt's ancient royal houses and also the House of Lancaster and the house of York.
 The red roses represent power, passion and control. The white lilies represent spiritual purity, truth, virtue, etc. It is also the flower for the month of May. Spring time rebirth and renewal.  Isn't it interesting that white lilies are often used in marriage ceremonies and funerals , signifying rebirth and renewal or transformation.

Below the crown is a wreath of laurels representing wisdom,victory and clairvoyance. Next we notice the grape vines all over the kings tunic, this is a symbol of alchemy, transferring grapes into wine or the physical into spirit. Alcohol is also known as spirits. The vines are also symbolic of fertility.

The king is wearing a suit of amour showing he is more than capable to go into battle either spiritually speaking or actual physical battle, however he prefers to use his intellect.
In his right hand is the sceptre representing his rule over the temporal world, the right hand side of the body represents masculine power or energy and the left hand side represents the feminine power and energy, these are both spiritual and temporal (physical).

The pentacle represents both money and humanity, the round shape (the circle around the pentacle) represents spirit.  You could even say encapsulates man, or even traps him into the temporal world until he learns his spiritual wisdom and truth.

Looking at the left foot resting on a crocodile or alligator, which is an ancient Egyptian symbol for Sobek the Egyptian god associated with the river Nile.

There are so many deeper symbology meaning that are attached to the individual Tarot cards that only people in the know will only ever know. But it makes for great study in myths and symbology anyway.

Now for the month of October this in an upright interpretation suggests all is well and on track for the nation and the individual. Hard work is put in to make sure  a successful outcome is guaranteed.
We must keep plugging away in order to be in control of our daily lives and not rest on our laurels half way through.

This is a positive card to help us reflect on what is happening in our lives at present. Reversed it implies things are out of control and our behaviour is ego based and must be curtailed.
One must be benevolent to those that need us, but not to be taken advantage of either. Middle ground
and common sense must prevail.