Monday, 24 June 2019

Google brain implants could mean end of school as anyone could learn anything instantly

Err.... How about NO! Borged just so you can think you are smart. Pfft if you are that stupid then you should not be given the TV remote or be allowed out without a responsible adult present.

I cannot see the masses going for this shit, lol.  Not just that, who decides what the knowledge implanted is to be and is it accurate? Agendas' do exist in education such as learning history, it is written by the victor  ( his-story) with a slant in the favour of the victor.

This chip has the potential to be modified the correct your thoughts, connect you to a cloud " hive mind complex" and hey presto you are no longer human.

Your thoughts are not your own any more either. There is a real scary situation in the making should people accept this. This will be made palatable to disabled people, these people are vulnerable and must not be tricked into this by promising an end to their disability, there will be hidden surprises these poor souls would not envisage and to be tricked into taking implants is to me a bit sinister. What will the eventual outcome be?

There is a price to be paid for everything, but sometimes that price is way too high and not worth the effort.  Your soul and your freedom, are at stake here but they will not tell you this, it is not in their interest is it?

Who really benefits from this? Financially, very powerful corporations that play god with your life and your soul.