Saturday, 8 April 2017

To The Selfish Inconsiderate Phone Caller At 2.10 am This Morning

Please be considerate and do not phone me at 2.10am Australian Eastern Standard time. Check the time if you are overseas; and have some consideration for people that are sleeping.  For example; there is a minimum of 12 hours difference between the UK and Australia for a start give or take daylight savings. How hard can it be to go on line and work out the time difference. FFS Not even a text message, which would have been the more sensible thing to have done!!

This is utterly selfish and no regard for others. Nothing is that serious that you cannot email me, which  my general overseas clients tend to do anyway. No one is going to die if you cannot reach me immediately. During working hours, I have work to do also. So that is why there is a message telling people to leave a message. If you really want to make a booking then READ my website for instructions  Better still find some one else to annoy at stupid O'clock am.

I have a family that do not want a phone ringing in the small hours of the morning. How would you like it if you were woken up and your entire house hold at that time?

The reason why I take 50% deposits to is to stop people wasting my valuable time, all you need to know is on my website, blog and  on face book.

Some individuals clearly do not take the time to read things on my website, blog or Facebook page, See that little thing saying "Services", or "About Alex " try bloody reading it you might learn something!!