Friday, 7 April 2017

Smudge Sticks For Sale At Alex's Office

Hi again peeps

I just got a supply of American White Sage smudge sticks in from Tulsi Incense, this morning.
I mainly got the small ones in and just a few larger (18cm) ones. Most people will only use smudge sticks now and again so it is better just to keep a lot of the small sticks which are 8cms long. I will be selling them in as from today as a regular product.

I see  quite a few people that use these smudge sticks, and also some clients have energy problems in their homes. I  will keep the prices cheaper than what you will buy in the local shops.

Small 8cm sticks will be $4    Large 18cm sticks will be $10  at the time of your consultation, so you see I am not making a profit at all. My reason for this is people are sometimes caught short and need to do a cleansing and if they happen to be having a reading from me. I can save them the trip to the shops to buy the smudge sticks. Some times the shop could even be out of stock when you call  too. So I am saving you time and money including petrol expense driving to the shops.