Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Offensive Image on this blog is a hack

I just happened to scroll through my blog just now and to my horror I noticed a porn picture added to the Alex's Faeries blog. I can assure readers that I did not put that offensive image there, I am revolted by the mindset of the human excrement that did post it.

I am sick of the morons that have nothing better to do than hack peoples accounts. We sure live in a very low vibrational dimension when we have "people" and I use the term loosely, that indulge in low brow and low vibrational activity. But hey, living in the 3rd dimension which is where we are all currently incarnated is a low energy vibration. Just look at the state of world affairs, that is the classic expression of the third dimension, which by the way is a locked frequency. Try and get out of that reincarnation after reincarnation if you can. It can be done, one individual at a time when it is their time to evolve. That is up to the individual's soul.

UPDATE: I removed my link to my other little blog But now I know why my blog has been glitching for the past month. When I have tried posting things I get about 2 copies on my list of posts that I see in my list of things I post. Not being  tech savvy trying to message the blogger people I cant find the right thing to contact them yet, hmmmm :( I think I might have to wipe the blog  and my PC because my old fiosachd account is showing posts in the in box from last year and I can not do a darn thing with that. Now this only happened when I changed my email and posted it on here and then I have been hacked.

Someone must be watching this blog with very little in their lives that they feel the need to do this. Just know one thing, Karma is real and it will come back on you 3 fold.That is something that you can not avoid let me tell you. It is the law of attraction and when abused it returns to you 3 fold. That is cosmic law dumb ass! YOU CAN'T escape that LOL! Just let that sink in to your thick head you low vibrational biological entity.