Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Oh to be young again!....Er, NO!

I came across this old photo of me back in 1983, holy cow what was I thinking, lol.
The hair do OMG. How times change. It would be nice to be a little more youthful, but still have my wisdom. It is funny how our taste and perception changes as we age. The 1980's were good. A much simpler time for many of us. That is when good music ended, in MHO anyway.

20 years from now we will old dig out old photos of the early 2010's and laugh. Such is the cycle of life. Just enjoy the moment and have no regrets, live simple, love a lot and laugh a lot.

This photo is posted in memory for a very dear friend that has passed away. This is how I looked when he last saw me. I miss him very much. But I know that he is around me in spirit and is happy that I posted this picture. Rest in peace until we meet again.