Monday, 24 February 2014

DR Turi: Dogs know your feelings

Yup, We live in the days of idiocracy folks. Dr Louis Turi fully understands what is happening to humanity. Devolution is underway in the present time. Tv is one of the most useful and hypnotic tools out there to make this happen.

Spend more time with animals, and you will learn more. Like Dr Turi, my  husband and I just worship our lovely fur babies. They are happy healthy little souls. Or should I say big souls in little bodies. 15 years ago I had a miscarriage  and as it was happening, my Jack Russell, Sparky stayed by my side until I went to hospital. He just knew some thing was wrong with mummy. I had a very strong psychic link with both of my dogs. Ruby is developing a strong link with mummy now.
Of course that cats already have that, as cats are very intuitive. They also tell me when to come home if I am too long at the shops or visiting a friend. I don't like being away from my fur babies either.
We have a very strong bond.