Tuesday, 30 April 2013

World's First Genetically Manipulated Babies Born


This is just wrong on so many levels. Playing God is going to cause our down fall. This is not what humanity should be doing. We were also created this way by beings from off planet. It is no surprise that the missing link was never found by mainstream science. They have closed minds and will not look at the true facts of our origins.

Now some scientists have committed the ultimate sin of all and it will get worse from here on in, unless this is outlawed. They could patent  these beings/creations and use them for heaven knows what. We still do not know the full story, and I am sure that there are more of these babies than they are letting on.  I recall reading in a book of Nostradamus's predictions  about clones and other such like things happening in the future.

I at the time thought, this could be a modern man inserting this stuff into his works. We would be non the wiser if this was done or not. If it was inserted into his texts, then this would be done for people to just accept this sort of abomination. Normal IVF, is not an issue at all. It is the creating life for darker purposes and messing with the gene pool in questionable ways to obtain a new species, that is the issue. What will the outcome be, of a new species is what one needs to ponder too. What about the spiritual side of the being that is created like this. It still needs to have a soul remember.