Sunday, 29 May 2011

TEPCO now admits that three Fukushima reactors have melted, large holes present in containment vessels

I put this on FB the day this happened and, drew flack. I was told I didn't know what I was talking about. Oh, Yeah? I may know nothing about anything for that matter, but when Spirit tells me something I listen, and I keep written notes to prove my point, all dated and time noted.


No body wants to be right about these things. I just put my faith in God and the "beings of Light ",that pass information on to me. All knowledge has to be 100% truth and "In the Light" before I accept it.

The Dark forces have access to the same knowledge but, will manipulate the truth to suit their agenda. That Is why we must always ask for all knowledge to be in "the Light" and 100% truth.

When I do any sort of readings or direct Spirit communication.,  I always ask for the highest source of knowledge in the Universe that is available to my higher self. And then to bring that knowledge through to my conscious self, for that knowledge to be in the Light and  100% truth. I then say,  thank you and God bless you.

I then feel a surge of energy come through me and the information is provided. It is Important to thank our Spirit guides for this help and guidance. Respect for these wonderful beings is important, they are here to help us, through pure love for Humanity and God. They are all loving, compassionate and non judgemental. Many of these beings have never incarnated on Earth. Some of them are to stay in the Spiritual realms to stand guard over us and bring healing energy to Humanity.