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Burns Night Supper January 25th 2020

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That time of year again and I wish I was back in Scotland for the cold weather and the festivities.
It is 34 years since I last saw Scotland and that was for a 5 week holiday when I was young.

Luckily Burns night supper is held around the world. WhereScots and their friends gather to celebrate
the great bard himself. With good food, good company, music, song and of course Burns' poetry.

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The chef carries the tray of haggis with a piper leading the procession on this annual event, with the encourage of followers usually the pipe band and some officials that are engaged for the nights events.

The Master of ceremonies address the crowd and gives the Selkirk grace speech.

Some hae meat and canna eat
and some wad eat that want it
But we hae meat; and we can eat
and sae the lord be thankit

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This year Burns night falls on a Saturday, so I can imagine many having the hangover from hell the next morning, lol.

Address to a Haggis and all that

In the link below is the correct protocol for the night. You will notice it is quite a ritual, Burns was a Freemason hence the ritual the address to the Haggis is like a spell or ritual as are several other cerimonial things that take place. Oddly enough the week between 20th January to 27th January is an occult week that leads up to candlemass on the 2nd of February. It does involve a blood sacrifice.

 It makes me wonder if his birthday was chosen to fall into line with such events due to his fame, or it could be quite coincidental given his status in Scotland at that time and his birthday just happened to fall into this particular week I have no idea. I will just leave it at that though.

This link below lays out all the correct protocols for the night

Happy Burns nicht tae ye a'


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