Monday, 29 July 2019

New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard: The Redheads (Must Watch!)
If you read books by Connor MacDari  and Ignatius Donnelly, you will find more information on the blond and red haired people of ancient times. They did not just live in New Zealand. They were all over the planet. Titans, Nephalim, Aryan or what ever name you want to give them, they did exist but have been erased by mainstream historians for a reason. Celts are of this gene stock also as are the ancient Atlantans. You will also find them in America, some off-shoot of these people had a double row of teeth and 6 digits and were over 8 foot tall. These were the cannibal ones that terrorised the lands, and are mentioned in ancient legends of America. Ancient Celts were also found to have visited America also and shared their language and culture as they did as they travelled through Europe and other lands.

Google the pdf file  of the book Atlantis, the antediluvian world, by Ignatius Donnelly. You will find this very old book very interesting reading. Bear in mind these authors were writing in the 1890's, so much more information has come out since then.

Now the world was not from the east to the west in its cultivation of humanity, it has been proven time and time again to have come from the west over hundreds and thousands of years with much documented evidence. All to hide the truth from humanity and we are seeing this happen again in our lifetimes as history is again being redacted.

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