Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Video 23: Humanity's War on Orion is already Raging

I have been following Wes's YouTube posts and saving them to go over later.  However I think this is a interesting one to share here. Please read through the comments on his video for more information.
I would like to say again though I do not endorse anyone that Wes does.

That is up to individuals. I can feel and read the energy of people by just reading their names and I often do so with my clients when they give me a name. I will get a mental photo of the person and then describe the person's personality.

Sometimes I can be given a list of names ( sometimes it is photos) and I can tell the client a little on each person on the list or photos. So when I say that I cannot endorse people, I am doing so for spiritual  reasons.

I do not intend to cause any offence by this. I am just following my Clair's. I do enjoy Wes's YouTube posts as they are quite informative and like Wes I want people to have knowledge that will be very beneficial to them when they leave this earth at the end of their incarnation.

I am very grateful to Wes for this information that he has shared with the world. I have benefited from his work personally as in. I have learned who's who in the zoo in our cosmos and know how to leave the matrix. I already knew from childhood this was my last time here.

It was just a matter for finding out how to do this, and that is where Wes comes in. He is charged with a huge responsibility that has cost him a lot in this life. This is the general experience of spiritual people that come here with a special purpose. We know real suffering and real misery, but we have to just suck it up and get  on with it.

I take my hat off to Wes for all he has done and continues to do for humanity.