Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Red Haired Celts And The Red White And Blue

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I am looking in to red hair in Pre-Raphaelite art  at present for its occult meanings. I actually like a lot of this type of art too and have a few prints in my house. Members of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood were William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Michael Rossetti, James Collinson, Frederick George Stephens, and Thomas Woolner. I have posted the Wiki link below for those interested in reading it.

While ferreting around on the internet, I find myself at a good old favorite website. I put the link above for you to read for yourselves. While reading the  first few paragraphs, I noticed the colours Red, White and Blue.

I suddenly thought of the flags of the United Kingdom, The USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. They all contain these Colours and so does France and Belgium. I am sure there are a few nations I have forgotten in the red and white colours like Switzerland, but these countries are very significant in world affairs, and all have one thing in common, they are under the control of Freemasonry. Red, white and blue are Freemason colours. I do believe the Freemasons borrowed them from other secret societies that are as old as humanity though.

The Celtic race has a high percentage of people with red to auburn hair, blue eyes and white skin. Reading the above web site it hit me, is there a hidden meaning in the colours of the flags and Freemasonry alluding to something? As in the skin colour, hair and eye colour of a particular race of people or beings that  human history is based on? The ancient Atlanteans were supposedly red haired people as were the Tuatha de Danann, the ancient race of Irish giants. The Titans were redheads too.

In the above link the name Mari is mentioned. In Scotland, Mari, Mhari and Marie (pronounced in Scotland as Mari) is a popular girls name. Mari is also Mary as in Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene was a red head, which is mentioned in literature. And the Last Supper painting by Leonardo  da Vinci alludes to Mary Magdalene sitting next to Jesus, his hair colour is reddish too.

Those that have been reading my blog posts will no doubt been following on the same theory as me. The ancient bloodlines ruling this planet all have one thing in common, as do the red haired people, DNA and O negative blood ( the psychic or royal blood).

Follow that further and then we come to the ancient Egypt, and then the Anunnaki from the planet Sirius and their buddies. The original humans on earth were undoubtedly violated by these master geneticists from the planet Sirius. In order to create a dumbed down new Homo Sapiens. However they cut down the original DNA, deliberately unplugging these new humans from the spiritual multiverse. Locking them in to the low vibrational and dualistic third dimension.

It is my opinion that for thousands of years a select group were fully aware of the truth of human origins and wanted to keep this all secret but leaving us little clues hidden in plain sight. But now thanks to the Internet and people being better informed. The cat is out of the bag for those that are seeking the truth and higher understanding of our place in the Universe.

Except it isn't just the Universe it is a Multiverse as the original humans knew. Many humans are waking up to the truth now, through lucid dreaming and  such things as past life flash backs, (my self included) and awakening psychic abilities that have been dormant for thousands of years. Suddenly people are reconnecting to spirit, but must be very careful as to whom they are actually communicating with on a spiritual level. There are on going changes taking place in our DNA that make this happen. This will continue to happen unless something terrible and unforeseen by most people takes place.

This is ringing alarm bells for those that want humanity in a deep sleep unaware of  who we really are.We are divine sovereign human beings, and a very special species, one of a kind. There is nothing like us any where in this universe.  We have within us the divine fire or spark and it is time we let it shine.

Humans are actually very powerful on a spiritual level. That is something that has been deliberately hidden from us for roughly  thousands of years, to prevent us taking back our real spiritual power. This is a peaceful feminine energy that was suppressed through violence and the murder of many innocent humans at the hands of evil.

We have not lost this special quality that we once had, many have deliberately suppressed it within themselves. Because it is so much easier to be evil. Because some humans have allowed themselves to imitate the evil ones that mixed their DNA with ours,  in turn darkness has befallen all of humanity.

This was for one race to dominate all of humanity. Straight away many will just think, white man. Er no, not exactly. There is a deliberate drive to make white people the evil bullies of our world. White people are not any different to anyone else with their behaviour. This is spin that is being push for an evil agenda which needs the divide and conquer game on humanity, to keep building up to explode in our faces.

But this white race does not come from our world and the human white race are so much smaller in stature than this white race from Sirius. All of humanity have this DNA within us, some may have more of it than others. But that does not matter, what does matter is that humanity in its pure form is a spiritual peaceful  and benevolent race.

We should not be living the way we do. No one can make you be evil against your free will either. By the way, when looking for clues to psychopathy, the answer is right here too. It is not a true human trait. It is these off planet beings that the psychopathy trait originates along with many other unpleasant traits.

Yes, these beings were Red haired, fair skinned and blue eyed beings, but of huge stature. They do not originate in our galaxy. They are still around and they will try to sell us trinkets again, to again win us over just like they did originally before the " fall of man". This time it is technology and the time is now as in the current ongoing technology transfer project.

One other thing to ponder is, what if the information that has been written in all the ancient texts world wide for thousands of years describing these beings in a particular way is a possible red herring.  I for one while aware of these star people and several other star races of varying appearances am cautious of what the real truth is. Working out 100% truth is very difficult. We need an open mind or we will not get very far.

Happy reading and researching folks,

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