Saturday, 20 May 2017

Regarding the Spirit Message from my Guides back in 23 September 2011

Please read this old post. I have not looked at this post for a long time, but today I got an email that jogged my memory. So I pulled it up and read it. I now have a serious comment to make on this and channelling spirit beings or what appears to be spirit beings.

I in no way endorse channelling these days for various reasons, but I also wish to state, do not try to channel spirits unless you have the correct training and use proper spiritual protection. Not all is what it seems to be in the Metaphysical world, and it is very important that people understand this and take it seriously.
As  Clairvoyant and Medium this came as a shock to me. I am as honest as they come on this earth and in no way would I ever mislead anyone. This is why I am revisiting this post. To share with those that read, and share from my blog, to be better informed. It  is our duty on this earth, collectively to educate/inform others of  the truth in all things. Nothing is ever as cut and dry as we think it is. Metaphysical/Spiritual things are no different.

Now as for this post, I was just writing stuff for a blog post and all of a sudden I went into auto pilot, so to speak. When I had finished this post, I looked at it and thought wow, I just typed that. What I mean was it was my body being "used" by a spirit being or an inter-dimensional being. I have had the time to read about them on the net and in books over the years and in no way claim to be an "expert" on the subject.  I am still reading and learning as I go, as are many learned people on the subject.

I do wish to state here and now, that not all of those that contact us here on earth are spirit beings, or deceased beings. We live in the 3rd dimension, there are countless other dimensions and time lines.
Beings from other timelines and dimensions can and do communicate with many people in our world. There is so much documented proof of this, going right back into ancient times. Including warnings about communicating with discarnate beings. I am not trying to frighten any one, just telling people to be aware and be cautious. Nothing is as it seems.

I now do not believe the being that used me as a channel was a spirit being.  To be honest I am not sure who or what this being is. Male, yes, I heard a male voice and felt male energy. BUT, and it is a big but, who and what he is I have no idea. I can assume this entity is part of the Annunaki Alliance group. The reason being is, the content and the language used in the message. They also want humanity to trust them. Why? What is in it for humanity? Nothing, that is the short answer, we are our own sovereign beings, we are in control of ourselves and this planet.  These beings did not create us, they have no authority over us. We ourselves will decide what is good for us. We already are evolving into more spiritual beings, like we used to be before what is termed the fall.

Yes it is all written in the stars. But not how these beings are trying to tell us. I won't go into all of that here though. You can read all about this on the internet. Be discerning though, in all things, I advise an open mind and read many sources without agreeing 100% with what the author says. I include my self in this. I could tell you anything, but the truth you accept  will come from within, your truth.  It takes a long time to fully understand the information presented by each writer too. So do not rush, listen to your intuition also.

As I said I felt this was a spirit guide. I now think otherwise after doing all the reading that I do, and still do. The message is in the interests of the entity that sent the message, not ours. This planet has been visited by many star races and still is. We see many UFO's these days and there are more frequent sightings continuing as we speak.  These entities are some times telepathic and some times use technology to communicate with other races. From all the information provided by the likes of Wing Makers. and Life Physics Group California and many more, there is ample  reason to believe these beings are messing with humanity and it is not in our favour.
ET's  that are aligned with the Annunaki do not have our best interests at heart. I urge caution when dealing with what appears to be spirit and also the ET's that interact with humanity, both currently and in the future. They are not on our side from what I have read and from what I have felt intuitively
what I have seen in dream form and when in trance.  I sure have no intention of ever going into trance ever again to communicate with spirit. When I do communicate with spirit. I also ask if they endorse the divine feminine too, that is a valid and vital question to ask. Given the fact that the patriarchal churches are hell bent of defiling the divine feminine. Ask yourself, why they do this and how does it help them by doing so?  Why is there hatred  of the divine feminine? The Annunaki are the ones that brought this to earth and there is so much evidence to support this too. I will leave this in your hands folks to do some home work and ask you to keep an open mind on every thing.

Lets me just end by saying our beliefs on the here after, and this physical world are not accurate.
We have not enough information in which to be more informed. It will come , but it will take time.

I would most certainly not believe the channelled information from LPG California for a start nor Wingmakers. Wingmakers art has a very negative and hypnotic affect on the human mind so if you do read this stuff do not say you were not warned. 

26th May 2017 Oops, I do not know what has happened to my link. The original heading is there but no text. :(