Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Alex's New Payment Details Effective from March 1 2017

Just breaking down the deposits starting from tomorrow

$130 AU Tarot reading  60 mins deposit is $37.00AU
$75AU Tarot reading    30 mins deposit is $37.50AU

Spiritual healing is the same for the same time. You are paying for my time with healing.

$150 Wax drawing reading 60mins deposit is $70
Please remember with this reading it is highly complex, and also the materials involved too.

The PayPal button will be on my DLook website to start with and then an update on this blog too.
Please click on the link to my Dlook website and scroll down to find the PayPal button.


please allow a couple of hours  today for it to be active (28 Feb 2017)

When making a booking I need your PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL ADDRESS. This helps both of us, If I have an emergency at home say, and I need to break the appointment and reschedule it. Then I can contact you immediately. For you, you know that your booking is secured. You will be given an emailed receipt to confirm your appointment.