Tuesday, 18 October 2016

2016 Psychic Predictions, Hillary Clinton and The U S Presidential Elections

This is the reading on Hillary, that was done yesterday, 17 October 2016.

Hillary appears to be in damage control mode. She knows the presidency is hers, but just goes through the motions. She will over come all her opponents in one fell swoop. Timing is everything to this woman.

No body's fool, a cool head , mind and heart. She doesn't do warm and loving it is not in her nature.
Behind the face is one very angry and determined woman. She will stop at nothing to have what she wants,. When she is finished she coolly walks away. There is no warmth or charm in this woman.
Bill Clinton is not half as forceful as she is or as menacing. He lacks her strength and determination to win at any cost.

Behind the scenes I feel she is being warned to pull back her aggression, as it is coming out so strong.
I hear the name Goldman Sachs here but I don't know what that's about.

Now just like many already know, Hillary has no real opponents, only her health problems, which I am not looking at. This is just a basic reading on her election to president.
As Hillary reflects on her triumphs , she strikes an agreement behind closed doors. She runs her own show and only her show. The next few weeks are critical for her success.

It looks to me like some sort of deal struck with Obama, she thinks that she is untouchable over some scandal.  There is news coming through and she has to act very quickly to gain control. Moving her forward on to central stage. She puts up one hell of a fight too, opponents cannot compete with her.

The Clintons put on a show of strength, but it is only theatrics. Bill is not really that interested in the elections,  as he has other business interests going on over seas that holds his attention, besides he already knows he results. I see the same powerful man behind Hillary as with Trump, but Hillary is his protégé and that is the difference here. She has been groomed for this role for many years.

Hillary's biggest fear of all is loss of power and control. She will fight tooth and nail for power. She is fighting to keep Cyber attacks at bay and to prevent any further leaks coming out. She has way too much to lose and will never give in, no matter what the cost.

I feel that cost is human lives and suffering and this must be noted. It is all a political game  where the losers die. I am talking civilians here. Hillary sits on her throne watching everything and misses nothing. Anyone that drops the ball on her beat is noticed and dealt with.

There is something in her past that she keeps looking back to during this time. It clearly makes her uneasy There is inner turmoil going on with her at present. When in any doubt she hangs back to watch how things progress so that she has a better knowledge of what's going down and how to deal with it. One very smart lady. She spends many long hours at her desk, working long into the night. Lots of phone calls being made, researching on individuals. That is something she is big on.

Hillary is very much her fathers daughter, they think the same way. She never forgets a thing, especially some one that hurts her.

Due to her hedonistic desire for control, I feel one of the first things that she will do when in office is order lock down of the USA. Gun control? I feel welfare will be cut again to pay for military spending and the militarization of the nation. Is she making the nation a fortress to keep others out or to keep them in?  Who  are the enemy though? I pick up Mexico in relation to securing the borders, But there is something going on up in the North East.  The words David and Goliath come to me, no idea what that is about, is  it the people against the government? I don't know. I will just leave it at that. As I do not want to dig any deeper. I can say it is something epic and I do not like the feeling of it.

There is a massive deception being played out here and it will take many lives, many innocent people. This could be a world wide thing. But it is bigger than we know. Humanitarian aid for the US? Food shortages and petrol shortages and chaos.(  I must comment here, this is not the first time that I have seen this unrest in the US, during a live reading on radio for an American lady I suddenly had a vision that shook me to the core. I commented on my blog about this last year right after the reading).

I see Hillary going into denial mode with this, I do not like the way things are looking and I feel for the people in the US and the world in general. Something else is indicated here that has me very worried A possibility of her fleeing the US, but to be honest I can't actually see that happening. But who knows, I do not see her staying very long in the white house either.

I will leave it at that. This is quite taxing work and not something that I enjoy like reading for the lovely clients that I have.

I just pray for a better world. Lets keep positive and pray for a better outcome. It is all we can do.

Much love


Copyright Alex Fulford 18 October 2016



I also am on record for predicting the death of Col Gaddafi weeks later it came to pass.

UPDATE: 18/01/2017

I had the feeling during the above reading, of Hillary going flee the country and go into hiding over criminal activity. Now I know nothing about the website that posted this article, but there are rumblings about the Clintons that have been on going for while. Lets wait and see.

I still think the Clintons and the rest of them are Teflon coated, nothing sticks. This is a free will universe and never expect real justice to be done with powerful people. The third dimension or density is a low energy vibration. True justice never really happens or it would be game over for many world leaders and co-horts.