Monday, 5 January 2015


I am only just starting to talk about this subject openly, for I was not sure what the reaction would be from people that know me. For several years I have been getting UFO dreams, most of which seem harmless. But over the past 5 years they are building up. It is not something that I want to encourage either. It is getting to the stage of being very disturbing.

I do not recall when I started to get these dreams. But I do know when it started, not long after I started living here in Canberra, Australia. I moved down here from Sydney, NSW in 1995 with my young family. I just remember dreaming of a strange yellow pod shaped UFO flying quite low, over the roof tops, when I am looking out of my kitchen window. It didn’t bother me seeing this space ship. I knew what it was and was not worried about it. There was a very familiar feeling each time it appeared in my dreams.

I even tell other people in the dreams not to worry about the yellow space ship. Sometimes I am in the street shopping in a nearby town, in these dreams. I look up and there it is, following me. People notice the spaceship and look alarmed. I tell them not to worry they are on “our side”.  I have no idea if the ET’s are good guys or bad guys in reality.

Now I start getting a dream in which my husband and I are on a space craft and have been fitted with a microchip in our hands. I seem to have two chips in my left hand. I have one in the tip of my left middle finger and one in the middle of the left palm. I get quite upset with this. I know that because I am a spiritual healer in my awake state this is very bad. I use my left hand in healing people. Now just after my husband are implanted with these chips in one particular dream, there suddenly comes a rescue team to remove these microchips. Suddenly we find ourselves in a split second on board a different space ship and they remove the microchips.

Now all of the ET’s look human but, I never get a good look at them. They wear dark clothes, they seem to be Caucasian like us. (This I find interesting when I waken up).   I don’t notice if they are telepathic or not. In one particular dream, I ask the person removing the microchip from my finger if he is from the Annunaki race. He says no, I notice a blond haired woman standing next to him. She does not speak, she just seems to be his assistant. Now when I asked him was Annunaki, he said, “I can bring them next time if you like”. I was horrified and said. “Don’t even think about that. I don’t like them”.

At that stage a group of other ET’s were attacking, what seemed to be friendly ET’s. There must have been about five of them armed with modern looking guns, trying to defend the group that my husband and I were with. Again I noticed they all wore black clothes like paramilitary clothes.

My husband and I suddenly found ourselves placed in a car, and we had warm blankets around us, pale blue blankets and they were warm. Just like when you have been through surgery to prevent you going into shock. Shock, is the understatement here let me tell you. We were left momentarily in a car on a remote road in a coastal area. Go figure, Canberra is inland and at least 3 hours from the coast.  The next thing I knew we had to drive as fast as we could to get away from the not so nice ET’s. The road seemed to look like somewhere along the south coast of New South Wales.  We had to pull off the road at one point and hide in a ditch, until the road was clear. Then do a U turn and find the turn off to a property. The residents had to flee for their lives when we arrived. This part was rather frightening and I could feel my heart thumping. My husband did not seem to be the target, it was me they were after. He just got caught up in this with me.  Thankfully we got away and I  get to waken up in my own bed.  Now things have increased since I had this dream. I keep seeing new space craft around the skies of Canberra, people just don’t seem to notice them or is very wrong.  I see space crafts that defy gravity hauling big trucks up in to the sky. All sorts of weird things with air crafts.

I have also in dreams seen, the whole of Canberra under martial law, and people lined up in the multi-story car park at a local shopping centre being give aid and shelter. The police and the military taking on the role of caregivers. Everything looked well-co-ordinated in this recurring dream. In this recurring dream, I am walking down a major highway from the direction of the local hospital with my husband. There are tanks in droves coming down the road past us. The feeling is most bewildering to say the least.

In conjunction with these dreams, on morning last year both my son and I woke up with a pain in our left arms. We both felt like we have just been given an injection. When I got out of bed that morning, I had just gone into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. I was rubbing my arm due to the pain. Next thing, my son came through rubbing his arm and told me that he has a terrible pain in his arm as if he had just been given and injection. I told him so did I, it woke me up because it hurt so much. To which he said, “me too!”

Add to this shadow men, I have seen them around my house and at night time one night during the winter I could see them in my front yard. Now this is the frightening bit. My blinds were down and I could see them Clairvoyantly and  perceiving blue glowing eyes. My dog was doing her nut as this was happening. I did not tell any one about this for a few months. Then one day one of my  sons started talking about shadow men. So I told him about this incident. It is very unnerving to go through this sort of stuff, but to find out that my son is seeing this stuff too!!  
No doubt about it there is some freaky stuff going on. Top this off with a client that came to see me this winter. I told her about one of these dreams, and half way through this she told me the rest of it. She said, “I keep getting that dream too”.

Fast forward to June 2014, I attended a course for Mediums up in Leura NSW for 3 days. This was not my idea, I went with a colleague and close friend. The course was for trance mediumship. I don’t normally like that sort of stuff and felt uncomfortable about this. However I said I would go with her and not be a party pooper. More fool me, my husband was going to come with me, but got the flu so he stayed home. I now see that as a warning sign. The event itself was OK, but when it came to the part where I had to allow a spirit being to communicate through me, the wheels fell off quick smart.

I was sitting there in the chair taking in the energy. The being that came through was an interdimensional entity, I could feel his massive bulky frame squeezing in to my little body, (I’m 5’1”). I could feel myself arching and stretching, this being was with in me. He was huge and angry.

He raised his head and looked around the room. There were twenty mediums in the room from various parts of Australia and the instructor, who came out from England to teach us. I was gagging as I was trying to have this entity speak through me. He must have found it difficult. He started speaking telepathically to me, so I could hear him clairvoyantly. He was trying to tell the human race

To change their ways before it is too late, he warned us about war and violence and we are heading down the path of no return. This guy knew what he was up to. I knew exactly who or what he was, and no friend of humanity. To keep in with cosmic law the bad guys must tell us what the rules are and we must be peaceful. He omits to tell the rest of the story. Just as well I am familiar with the Annunaki and their friends on other planets, dimensions and on earth. I just don’t want part of it.

It is not my life style thanks all the same, leave me out of it guys. Anyhow a female entity that I will describe as a tall Nordic came through next, she just pushed Mr Cranky pants out and then she started on about love. She was crying and I was crying. I won’t say what she said as it was very personal and directed at me. The instructor had to bring me out of the trance and it took a few minutes to do this. I was pretty shaken up, Mr Cranky pants made his impact on me.

The instructor back peddled quick smart and did not want to go there. No wonder, I didn’t want to either thanks. Later in the class one lady said to me, they had to let him through to let you see what is going on. They do not want you researching what you are researching at present.

This is blatant ET/ interdimensional involvement, that I will not tolerate I told her. This is not in humanities best interest, just the ET’s.  The lady didn’t seem to know a lot about this stuff, but one of the men there sure did. He asked me if I wanted to talk to a UFO researcher friend of his. I didn’t want to at that stage, I am still not sure that I want to yet. I just don’t need this in my life thank you.

Late that night just as I was going to sleep this ET guy turned up in my hotel room. He had the most disgusting stench about him too. I got one hell of a shock, but I stood my ground. AT that moment I was angry that my husband was not there. I was by myself, whilst my travelling companions all shared a room. I mentally spoke to this entity, and told him to leave, he had no right coming near me. I put spiritual protection around the room and he left. I did not get a good night’s sleep that night. I ended up sleeping with the light on.

I have also of late being getting 3 grey Et’s front up in my bedroom. Skinny ones that are about my height. They appear just out of phase, so that I can see them and not my husband. The dog responds though as she sleeps on the bed with us. I won’t speak to them, I just tell them where to go. Then say we leave you in peace and mean you no harm. Now that is not correct, for a start they only come to data harvest, if you read up on UFO’s etc, you will know this.

The icing on the cake was just last Monday night. I decided to go to bed and teach myself how to draw flowers. I cannot draw at all just stick figures that is as much as I can do. I had been given some sketch pads, pencils etc from my husband a few months ago, so I thought why not practice drawing flowers. It all started normally as drawing flowers does. Yeh, I made a pathetic bunch od shapes, so I thought, ok let’s play with a fern design. Just using the edge of the pencil and doing a shading sort of shape, to make a fern. Suddenly I felt a spirit present, as I can do automatic writing I just assumed it is a guide helping me to draw. Well the art class was not what the student intended. I swapped from right hand to left hand and started doing very fast sketches.

Not the usual arty stuff, this was Et’s there was 3D feeling to some images as I drew them. I knew that something was wrong here. I was having a story told to me about these beings coming to earth a long time ago. Oh yes there version of events though not ours. There is a vast difference if you have done research you will know what I mean. The Et’s manner took a menacing dark turn and he started writing stuff about humanity and a particular researcher, whom I cannot name as he has not seen the sketches or the message. I do not wish to offend him as I am a huge fan of his. The message want taunting. I thought he can communicate with him himself, it is nothing to do with me.

Now this has left me rattled, I just read up on the UFO stuff, I am not an official researcher and have no interest in being one. I am a Clairvoyant that is what I do. I am very much into nature and animals, both are a huge part of my life. I just seem to be getting dragged along with this stuff and I do not want it. We all have the right as human beings to have an interest in what is going on, on our planet and to all life on our planet. That is our right. No off planet entities have the right to interfere with us or manipulate us. We must declare our own sovereignty and chase these entities away.

I am now left wondering what comes next. I am aware that many people are having similar experiences world-wide and much worse than what I have had. Clearly something is going on and it is increasing as we speak. I keep a journal of all my psychic experiences, everything is dated so I can look back and trace events as needed. I think it is important for anyone going through psychic experiences to do this and especially UFO events. In the past 10 years I have come to believe that the ET’s will come forward and declare themselves publically, rather that the world leaders revealing them to us. They have been told many times in the past 100 years, so now I feel the ET’s will do that themselves. I do not have positive feelings about this either. I feel these beings do not have our best intentions at heart. My advice to humanity is listen with your heart and lift your vibrations higher and the future may have a brighter outlook. I intend to have a loving and peaceful future with beautiful animals and an abundance of nature, how about you?

The bottom one is a bit of fun making at humanities expanse. Did we really come from the Apes or was there ET intervention, is what this entity is saying. The tree at the top representing the tree of life of the double helix.

Article and Images copyright by Alex Fulford January 2015

UPDATE; I had a dream just after writing this post, in which my mother appeared. She removed an RFID chip from my head, where it was situated at the very top of my head and slightly to the left hand side. When she removed the chip I noticed that it had a grey mucusy coating on it, not to mention the sharp pain that I had, which woke me up because it hurt so much. The pain lasted all day, and I still feel that spot is rather tender.

I have spoken to a neighbour just recently and have been informed by this neighbour that there has been similar stuff happening to them. Seeing shadow people around the house in side and outside the house. This is very distressing to experience and for two house holds to have this experience is a bit of a worry, don't you think? Like I say I don't need this crap nor want it in my life, end of story!