Friday, 19 December 2014

Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God

AMEN?? As in Amen Ra the heretic Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, yup, afraid so folks.
I keep saying nothing is what it is. Religion is one of the biggest illusions on this earth. Now you are starting to see the mask being lifted off. The Vatican know that their time is up. All the BS that people have killed for is now falling apart at the seams. The time has come to an end for illusion, reality is taking a new shape in our life times. This is the end of times; is it not?

What that means is, a new era will commence . It is a gradual shift not a big door shutting with a bang. A gradual awakening to all that was hidden to usher in the spiritual age for the next 2000 years or so.

Don't follow the New Age stuff that is a blind alley. Pure spirit comes from  your heart and soul.
You do not need a leader to guide you. You are your own guide. Your higher-self is whom you need to talk to whether in prayer or just chatting in your mind to your higher self. It is not hard and is perfectly natural. The Church Incorp, just wanted to be the middle man to make money, have control over humanity and keep humanity from knowing their spiritual truth. Game over now Vatican!

Folks open your hearts to love and truth. Free your souls and life will improve without any war or violence. There is no need for violence, it keeps humanity in a state of fear and keeps us away from love and god/spirit