Thursday, 27 June 2013

Good Bye Julia! Is Kevin Rudd back for an other turn in the hot seat?

Well now that Julia Gillard is no longer the Australian Prime Minister, we are in for an interesting set of events. I have no idea why she was still held in this position by the powers that be, for so long.  I do feel she was set up to fail though. I am surprised that Kevin Rudd is our Prime Minister again. It may only be for a very short time. Only time will tell.

I do not trust Bill Shorten one bit, I still feel that something is being planned
I don't rule him out for the PM job in the end. Even if Rudd wins the next election, how long will it be before he is ousted again?

Not a follower of politics myself, I have no preference for  the Australian Labor Party leadership. I do not want to see Tony Abbott as the PM either. The Liberals still follow the same masters as the ALP. No matter who wins the elections, Australians will still be in the same situation that they have been in for the past 13 years, like all western nations.

The elections are merely illusion for the masses. All elections are false, the people do not control who leads the nation. People are now becoming aware of that, by looking at the repeated patterns in the USA and the UK. The powers that be, don't care if we know this either. They know that no one will challenge them.

This is where I step back from the dark world of politics, as I say it is not my bag. I do wish Julia Gillard all the very best in her new life. I still stand by what I have said about her future. I look forward to her tell all book.
I do hope that she finds true happiness, love and  peace in her future.
She needs a good holiday to shake off the grime of politics and focus on her future.

Peace and  Love to all

 Julia's rose