Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Is it just me, that is disgusted with Humanity?

I get so many emails each day, some are jokes and some are not. But I have noticed the amount of racist and culturally offensive jokes and propaganda doing the rounds over the years. Now I am no saint by any means, hell I too send them (jokes). It has just been standing out more in my mind though, on how insensitive humanity really are to each other.

Why are we always at war with each other? Why do we pick on those that are "not like us", why do we think it is ok to kill or hurt others? Why do we have war between the sexes, races, religions, intellect etc? To me it seems like humanity has set itself up to fall flat on its face. We now live in a very dark time, when we no longer trust each other, within our own families, groups of friends, peers and society in general. This to me smells of dark forces at work on humanity. Divide and conquer is the old saying.
Well this is exactly what we have in our world today. This sure is an ill omen that much worse is to come upon this planet. That is unless we get our act together.

I personally want no part of violence, of war and destruction. I do not want to live with that on my conscience, nor on my akashic records, for all in the spirit world to look at me and think, that soul has done so much evil.

We all need to think about the choices we make right now. Sure we can have a joke and  poke fun, but as long as it is not done with hate or malice.
We all do have our little irks and quirks, that are part of the individual and part of our culture. Some times it is funny to notice the odd little things about each other. As long as it is not done out of hate, we can all take a good joke after all. But some people take things way too far.

Sometimes it is people behind the shadows putting out propaganda to upset others that is the problem. This is the main reason though that I see, is the real issue with our sick and distorted world. There are some people that go out of their way to create trouble  on many levels, and then send it out into the world at large. We then receive this and accept this, thinking that it is ok.  Why do we think it is ok? Why do we not check out the original source of its origin? Why are we too lazy to investigate anything?

No one wants to know the truth about anything these days, they are mentally conditioned to react this way. This is not an act of spiritually evolved beings. it is  the way of darkness infecting our souls. Distracting us to keep us away from truth, God and love. Human beings are unique and were put on this earth to live in peace and harmony. We were supposed to be the loving caretakers of this living library, that is our home.

Evil has been put on this earth deliberately to stop humanity in its tracks from finding out who we truly are and our true purpose here. That being said, and is a whole different and deeper subject. What is the next step for humanity? How long will this take? There is  no right answer to these questions. It all depends on us as a whole standing up together to stop the hunger, wars, violence in all its forms and stopping the forces of darkness in their tracks. That, I feel will take a long time the way things are going at present.

People refuse to listen and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. It is always some one else's fault.
I feel many are in denial of what is taking place. Many refuse to see the truth of the matter. Even when they are staring in the face of danger, why is this? I have tried so many times to educate people, only to have them turn away. I am no longer willing to help others open their eyes. Let them stay asleep to evil, let them go on living selfish, meaningless and materialistic lives. But one question that always bugs me is why do people turn away from spirit? Why do they ignore the sufferings of others, be they living next door to them or overseas? Is humanity infected with evil or darkness?

There are too many whys for my liking. It just fills me with disgust to see
how low down the food chain humanity is. I do not see them evolving anytime soon. They only see what is put in front of their eyes by the powers that be. They only accept what these dark beings tell them. Where is their sense of justice and truth, love and equality. Soft Marxism is what they love,
more than the love of Spirit/ God. This is a world of darkness, humanity is responsible collectively for keeping it this way. When true suffering comes to your door you have a choice, what will you choose? Only the brave choose God.

Oh and by the way what about our beautiful animals?  Who will save them from the forces of evil? Will you? I do my bit for animals. I love nature and understand that I am part of nature. I am part of the all that is and all that ever will be.

Copyright Alex Fulford  May 2013