Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dream: Death of a White Horse

 I had a horrible dream this morning, I saw a huge dead white horse covered in blood. It was on a city road that I was driving on, at a set of traffic lights, just as I came through them. It looked like it had been killed in a traffic accident . The horse was lying behind a truck of some sort. Police were trying to divert Traffic, and no one could pass the dead horse. I stopped my car next to it. I was crying and very upset. I started walking back in the direction that I came from. I seemed to be looking for something. But then changed my mind and started walking back over the bridge to the car. My car had passengers still in it too.
As I crossed the bridge there were hundreds of people walking past me. They seemed to be in a daze, I took them for office workers that were evacuated from the city. I remember a man talking to me, he was English. He insisted that he get past the dead horse as he had to be some where in a hurry. He had a train to catch. I advised him not to go. But as a big truck was passing us, at the cross roads near the horse, he dived under the truck and rolled. He missed the rear wheels and rolled out on the other side of the truck. He grinned at me as he got up and ran off. He was determined to escape from the situation and nobody was going to stop him.

On waking up, this seems like a warning to me. White/Pale horses are a symbol of death. the bridge with all the people could be symbolic of mass death and people going over to the other side. I obviously was not to go with them. The police were British not Aussie. I also saw the Union Jack at the start of my dream. Not as one big flag, but many little ones all together. If this is something that is going to happen then it is not far off. The stranger may well be the person responsible for the event and is escaping punishment.

Lets hope that it is just a weird dream, and not a warning of something to come.

UPDATE; I am just wondering today 26 April 2020 is this something to do with  COVID 19? To be honest I  don't know and some things can take years to happen.