Friday, 3 February 2012

Good bye to our beloved Gromet, our little Golden Lion.

It is with a most heavy heart that I write this post. My oldest son's little dog Gromet was put to sleep this morning after a short illness. Gromet was only 12 years old. He Is a Silky terrier cross Border terrier, they normally can live anything up to 16 years from what the vet tells me.

Once again I must express my deepest gratitude to Dr Chris Anderson of Wanniassa Hills Veterinary Clinic in Wanniassa, Canberra. He is one of nature's gentlemen. Who is a loving and caring friend to all creatures great and small, and Humans too. He shows the greatest compassion and respect to all God's creatures. Our little Golden Lion could not have been in greater hands.

In the 12 years that we had Gromet, he has been so much joy and fun to be with. A good companion to my son and a loving friend all who visit our house. I am sure that he will be playing with his big brother Sparky over the other side of the Rainbow bridge. Gromet was a real fun loving dog, he put the fear of God in to the post man when he came to the door. Luckily though ther is a good strong fly screen door between them though. Gromet loved to sleep in my bed (the parental bed) from the age of 6 weeks old. He sure loved his comfort and had the full run of our house and garden. Everyone greeted him as they came in to the house, friend and clients alike. Never far from my side all the days of his life. My oldest son was the only one that Gromet would toe the line for though, lol.

Both cuddley and brave right to the very end we will miss him so much. Untill we meet again my lovley little teddy bear, you are always in our hearts.

Rest in Peace Gromet  17 July 2000 to 03 February 2012