Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Candles & the meaning of their colours

Did you know that each colour has a meaning to it? Here is a basic list of what each colour of candle means.

White: Enlightenment, Healing,Peace & Purity,Can also be used as a substitute for another colour.

Yellow: Communication, Concentration & Movement

Orange: Attraction, Strength & Luck

Gold: Confidence, Health & Prosperity; Honours Solar deity

Pink: Love, Harmony, Family & Affection

Red: Sexuality, Courage & Passion

Violet: or Purple: Spirituality, Inner Harmony & Wisdom

Indigo: Cleansing & Meditation

Blue: Wisdom, Inspiration, Truth & Healing; Honours Lunar deities

Green: Love, Nature,Renewal & Abundance

Brown: Home, Wealth, Stability, Family, Elders

Silver: Secrets, Psychic Power, Lunar Magic

Black: Conclusions, Banishes Guilt, Regret & Negativity

When using Candlesin your spells or rituals, make sure their colour reflects the magic you are working.