Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Eugenics, A Rich Mans Toy

Ah the rich man and how his sick mind works, spiritually bankrupt souls wanting to play god with humanity. It comes as no surprise that many of the powerful people in this world are eugenicists.


Kellogg was a total nutter Paedophile, sadist  and has a very disturbing history.


 William Shockley


Winston Churchill, Homosexual, Paedophile, Bi Polar, Satanist and practicing Druid. Yet allowed to run the UK through WW 2 and post war Britain. Of course he would, he was part of the control system that run this world.

The parents of Beatrix Potter, Rupert W Potter and Helen Leech Potter, were Unitarians and eugenicists as were Bertrand Russell and his family. Which is written about in Beatrix's biography by Linda Lear.


Eugenics in Australia too.