Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Caught in a trap with suspicious minds

 Well boys and girls life is definitely changing world wide. Team A and team B are taking us for a ride. And the media are having a field day at our expense over the US elections and the talk of a global economy reset, and the danger of China raising its iron fist to the world.  Hmmm, does it strike anyone as suspicious that this is ramping up? Nothing happens by accident, stage managed yes, accidentally no.

A world of lies and fake peace while behind the facade the elites are plotting our downfall, it’s nothing personal they just hate ordinary people. We are manipulated into taking sides, either team A or team B, no one stops to think of a third option, and this is where karma kicks in, of course it is artificial this karma nonsense designed to enslave the soul and make you agree to come back for more.  The smart choice is pick neither team. Clearly team A and team B do not have our best intentions in mind. It is all about money, expansion and global economic control of the world and working us until we die. It makes no difference anyway by choosing either option, it is guaranteed to produce what ever the elite want and make you complicit in the evil because you voted for them by picking either political party.

The Western world is in planned decay for the past 30 years, the medical system is now in ruins by design to make health care private and expensive, low income earners are suffering and now under the current health crisis low income families can’t get the proper health care, they are now put on a waiting list and most of the health consultation is being done via the phone. That is a recipe for disaster and it’s penny pinching by the government and the private health system world wide, that is your new normal, it’s all about shareholders getting the big bucks. Add class warfare into the mix too.

This year has been an eye opener for many people as to the clear and present danger that lies in wait for us. The trap was set decades ago, and many people were not even born when this was designed. Remember it is a script that takes time to write or create the script,  and then find the puppets to carry it out. 

Those puppets are politicians and businessmen as well as the public. The puppet operators stay in the shadows, not that it matters. They can be right in your face and do the same thing, because they have powerful people under their control and good spin doctors to sell the evil deeds to the unwitting public.  That is quite a trap is it not? Add religion into the mix and the viral psychological infection that it spreads. Everyone fighting over who’s invisible friend is the best. That is the first most powerful tool held over humanity for thousands of years and so ingrained that it is almost impossible for people to break free of the spell.

 Once one decides to open the golden  box  of  spiritual enlightenment the horrible truth of this world emerges and cannot be put back in the box. Sadly though many people do not think of the original Gnostic view when thinking of enlightenment nor the fateful and dire warnings given by those important teachings. No they go to the new age dead end street and become confused , as it leads back to the same old lies of salvation, guilt and eternal suffering in standard monotheistic religion. 

The quest for anything is often tedious but worthwhile. But the quest for truth in current times is now dangerous  to anyone who dares to question anything be it political or spiritual. How on earth did we get so screwed up like this and allow ourselves to be bull by people in the streets that don’t like others having free speech, freedom of thought politically, morally or culturally especially in our own homeland? This is no longer democracy, it is tyranny by those behind the scenes controlling protests such as BLM.

This is a trap and it is a trap to end freedom and civil rights in western nations, but it is working class people that are being used by communist forces behind the scenes. From inside your homeland and attacking your nation from within, remember 1917 in Russia ? How do you think that started and spread? Agents on the inside, communism has been around for thousands of years. It is not new but it gets modernised and shaped to each culture to make it appealing to the ignorant masses. The US is a prime example of that at present and taking the BLM protests to other countries to stir up political unrest with government blessings, is something that should have alarm bells ringing, but hey the damage is done already. Once you give these people permission then you have put your foot in the rat trap. 

During the current health crisis these communists were allowed to protest but no one else could, why? We have also been lied to and missed about the protests. Again the media are controlling the narrative for an agenda that benefits the communist agenda. Why is the government afraid of saying no to communist bullying?  We are constantly being told we must be tolerant of others. Even in our own homeland when violent criminals are on violent rampage, but they came from a war torn country so we must accept their actions or we are racist.

 They say we get the world  we deserve. They also say we get the government that we deserve. I disagree, I did not consent to either personally. We don’t have to agree and consent to anything that is not in our best interest or not for our higher good. 

This world is a trap whether people realise it or not. It is not designed for our benefit. No, when this world was created in mass and matter so deep and in such a low and destructive vibration, it made things incredibly difficult for spirited humans  to co-exist in harmony. Because of the duality of this reality and the invisible virus that infects the minds of the masses, it is an almost impossible to eradicate. That virus being controlling patriarchal archonic conditioning. The false belief in salvation and redeeming. This is one of the most evil concepts ever devised, and it only became this powerful through sheer threat and extreme violence. 

Everywhere you look in history the evil butchering hand of the Catholic Church is steeped in the blood of innocent people, ( but they were not the only ones because this same evil has been on the planet long before monotheism as we recognise it) all because they were not under the brutal control of the church, their lives were wiped out.These days it’s corporation’s, banks, government and the church all in bed plotting the control of the world and all life.

Just look at the corruption of the WHO this year alone as people start to see what they are doing, especially by being the mouthpiece for China. Who in their right mind thinks this is okay? 

People are understandably angry world wide at present and with all the time spent in lockdown many are on the internet reading and learning about what is really going on in the world. Some will do nothing but keep on with business as usual, but there are many with suspicious minds, that have the intelligence to see what is going on and  the elite are worried. So team A and  team B have to work hard to debunk anything that is deemed dangerous to their plans. So we are now sitting at a crossroads waiting for the next event and all the “Gretas” and all the people that think they are awake are now going to be fighting against their fellow citizens on behalf of the elite and anyone that has a brain in their head, is seen as a threat to the world order. 

Get used to it because it is part of the new normal brigade. This won’t be going away any time soon and as the economy gets worse, someone is going to be winding up the masses.

The US election fiasco worries me, mainly because the media are getting people wound up and trying to encourage civil war in the US, whichI don’t think will actually go through to a civil war, it may just be unrest in certain areas. How long it lasts I am not sure. 

The American media are not loyal American citizens, they have become the enemy of the people by inciting them to riot and act like they have lost their minds. Are people so stupid to allow this? Well I think that must be the case, for people that live in supposedly the best country in the world to be so easily manipulated into violence.  I personally would be avoiding crowds and avoiding any form of violence and protests.That is taking sides and it has a cause and effect energy attached to it. Don’t go there, as you will incur a spiritual repercussion in the spirit world one day if you are not fully aware and awake spiritually, yes it is a trap. I would not be saying this if it wasn’t.