Friday, 2 October 2020

Bill Gates caught on video admitting vaccine will change our DNA FOREVER.

I am sure there is a more in-depth version of this, but he came out later to say that the vaccine will not alter our DNA . He is taking about RNA here reprogramming it, same damn thing alter or reprogramming . Do you really want to risk it?  Remember what Wes Penre said about trans humanism? What do you think this is?

There are multiple levels to trans humanism so you need to read up on what that entails. I would say the real threat is to the children that are born now and the next generation after them. Time will tell, but it cannot be stoped once initiated.

Some people are saying this affects the god spark or our spiritual essence, not sure if that is actually true, but again only time will tell if there is any truth to any of this. I just know that I will not take a drug made by this monster nor the one that is being created in Oxford, that particular company has a bad reputation according to Wikipedia.