Tuesday, 28 July 2020

You need to know this!!!


Disturbing to say the least. Read up on the Nuremberg code, it prohibits forced medications. So how can this be legal? When the damage is done then what will you do?  I was made to have the flu shot or I would not be allowed to see my father in his nursing home. Yet I was masked up, used hand sanitiser and made sure I waited two weeks just to make sure that I didn’t get sick from the vaccine in that two weeks. But get this the nurses were not wearing masks. 

I did get a reaction though  to the vaccine, I got deep breast tissue pain on the right hand side of my chest , all the way to my armpit , it was absolute agony as if I had severe muscle strain and I had done nothing in the days prior to that vaccine. Some how I don’t think shuffling my Tarot cards will do that 😂 the right arm was where the vaccine was administered. So go figure, how does that happen and last for days if I have not done anything strenuous that could cause this. Having injured my shoulders in a car accident several years ago, my husband does not even let me lift shopping bags. 

There is no way that I can prove this vaccine caused this, but looking it up on line , muscle pain is a side effect as is a cold.  No way will I take this COVID vaccine, as far as I am concerned they would need to swear on an affidavit to me personally that it is safe and that they are responsible for any harm that the vaccine does.