Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Corona virus: BLM protests linked to towers

Just as I suspected all along. Why the hell were these protests allowed to happen? I will tell you, the communist party and their cowboy outfit  BLM obviously put pressure on the right people, in authority. The idiot Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews is an out and out communist too. Yet the masses still vote for him. That says something about their intelligence level right there. And these same voters whine and whinge constantly about everything that is so very wrong in Victoria. They get what they deserve (virus aside) obviously as they keep voting him in and knowing that he is pro China too.  Oh and btw, old chairman Dan did not actually ban the protesters.  Today’s article is an arse covering pr exercise.

The communist party and BLM actually bussed people to these protests at various places in Australia, and even went so far as to go to court to force the authorities to let the protesters march. Thankfully many people are awake to this sham in Australia and are calling it out.

The government has been caught out on this one for their incompetence big time. Their media stooges tried to cover it up, but then couldn’t because the evidence spoke for itself and people are very angry over this, and rightfully so. It has become painfully clear to the general public, that the government and these protesters do not give a shit about people’s lives, or this would not have been allowed to happen.

Now as for BLM  you will see the video a couple of posts below this one titled Cultural revolution video at 42.3 minute point. Right there listen to the admission right from her mouth. Then go do some googling for yourselves.

This is all a deliberate act of evil, just think of lives lost, and in the USA all the destruction and vandalism, theft of property, assaults etc, all for what I ask you? An agenda and the elections are coming up , let’s not forget Pizzagate and the Clinton investigations, the Epstein case etc. These are all to divert our attention from what is going on. The murder of George Floyd is an excuse for all this mayhem. If this murder was so important (of course murder is important it is an evil crime) why is there silence over the deaths in the CHOP over the young men that were shot? 

Now look at the COVID-19 rate in the USA. And now look at what has happened in Australia since then, we had it under control and then these staged protests were allowed to happen, keep in mind that Bill Gates was smugly stating we will have a second wave and it will be much more deadly. Yeah it’s called a bloody PLANDEMIC. You also need useful idiots to help carry the event, then kick them to the kerb when the mission is accomplished. That is the oldest trick in the book and many people can see right through this. You wonder why people are so bloody angry.

Then what about all the bullshit the media keeps spouting? One minute they yell this is a man made virus and released in Wuhan, then the retract that and follow a different script. They cannot stick to one straight fact and of course deliberately omit the fact that last year many armies around the world were also doing a military exercise right in Wuhan. Hello people is the penny starting to drop?  That virus supposedly was active in August 2019 in Wuhan right when all the service personnel were there. But we were told it was official in December.

I still maintain that western (US) scientists in a military base originally created this virus , as they are renown for many other created viruses that have been released and these are all patented viruses. They use the excuse of medical research, which is it actually correct, they are experimenting on bio weapons, This happens world wide. No government is squeaky clean in this sort of stuff. You can find a lot of information on line about patented viruses that the US military own.

Now how this COVID-19 got into the hands of the Chinese is the question that we should be asking. There are spies world wide, and there are double agents too. Did someone steal this from the US or was it a joint project? I doubt we will ever know the truth. 

The WHO  cannot be trusted, they couldn’t lie straight in bed. They are given funds by China, but no where near what the US gave them. So why does China have such control over them, and the WHO wil not stand up to them. But hey there is such a thing as professional courtesy between criminals. Just like why a shark won’t eat a lawyer.  In your face , HAZZARD quotes , “ This is the new world order” let that bloody sink in. He is bloody owned by the dark side just like the rest of them.