Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Crypto currency is now here along with 5G



https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbrett/2020/03/23/new-coronavirus-stimulus-bill-introduces-digital-dollar-and-digital-dollar-wallets/#202e7ed24bea. 23 March 2020

Now after reading both of  these links, have I not been saying this would happen. Blind Freddy could see this coming as well as the super fast push for 5G being currently being rolled out worldwide at present. Just google the country you live in, with "5G roll out"  and you will see what is going on. Spain, Italy, Australia, UK, USA, China (Wuhan was where they started as the virus was announced).

Make no mistake about this, this is all part of the NWO goal plan. Each individual member of the NWO has their own particular job to do, including China, and this is for plausible denial  no one knows the other team members task.  But is all works like a giant jigsaw puzzle to complete the picture. Don't think for one minute the super powers think of China as the enemy, this is business. The war is against humanity, we ordinary people are the target for these psychopaths.

Just like in Freemasonry there are several levels/ degrees  and rites. China is under the yolk of Freemasonry, as you will see their leader is a Freemason. You do not get into these powerful positions without being a Freemason of high distinction.

There are intergenerational  goal plans too, things are done in a deliberate and slow pace to avoid suspicion. But the cat is out of the bag now as many people are aware of this. But I do not see that being a hindrance to the 1% that are controlling this. No they have all bases covered, time will bear me out on this. I just choose to keep right out of humanities destructive path. I want no part of this evil world, watching the masses act like animals and the 1% sitting back watching the show.


Notice here this was written two years ago, that is very interesting 🤔 Is is just a coincidence?