Sunday, 5 January 2020

Sky News: The water debate

I couldn't find this on line so I have to borrow it from Facebook

Add to this all that bushfires of which many of which are arson. Then look at other posts referring to the high speed train link. Australian people seem too lazy to take the necessary steps to stop corruption and are way to slow to join the dots unless someone else does the hard work of joining the dots for them and presenting it to them, as you will see with all the sudden ”YouTube experts”.

On top of this our leaders are selling our land, farms, utilities and anything else to the highest bidder.
We the people are left out of the loop. Australians should be very angry with all of this.

Sadly at present many are very stressed and vulnerable to even think about this, but when everything settles down I hope the people keep the momentum and put pressure on the government and big business. If they don’t, they might as well lie down and die of shame.