Saturday, 21 December 2019

Drought by Design - The Genociding of Australia

The sad fact is most people refuse to accept the truth because they are too dumbed down and arrogant. Too easy to drink beer and watch the sport or heaven forbid the lamestream fake news on tv never mind the fact the MSM are in cahoots with this. Please watch this video in YouTube mode and read the comments.

It did not start with Hawke, he was not the only one selling us out. Whitlam sold us out in 1973 to Wall St and they are Labor politicians! Neither of these to vile toads are what people think they are. Google child abuse in Australia!

As for the Strontium 90 I have blogged about that in the past and said that it is also used in nuclear medicine, I notice he does not use the word nanoparticles and there are more chemicals in the chemtrails that those mentioned.

 In the past I have been ridiculed by people that I have tried to educate about this, but now I really don't give a shit about ignorant under educated morons, let them suffer. The more people speak out the more at risk of being alienated too, so the circle of friends will diminish, so keep that in mind. Because people don't want to listen or do the research. It is much easier to ridicule informed individuals. This fits perfectly into the agenda.

Having said that though what the hell makes the likes of Max Igan or a string of others more influential? Are they being supported by someone to put this into the mainstream?

To be blunt I have given up on the masses, that get their 'education on Facebook". I will not invest my energy in talking to people that do not want to know the truth. I don't bother with trying to waken anyone up these days. I only stick things on my blog for those that are interested in knowing.

Is it any wonder the government rushed through changes in law to lesen the charges of sedition? These  criminals are out to destroy Australia and all flora and fauna. Someone is making huge financial gain from all of this rape and pillage of Australia.

Meanwhile the climate change dummies do not go investigating the truth behind the lies they are fed.
They will they follow what the handlers "red" manifesto is. But the day will come when the masses will turn on them; already people are sick to death of greenies, lefties and climate extinction nutters.

I have been fully aware of this geoengineering and planned genocide going on for many years long before Max Igan came on the scene. I do not agree with everything that he says but on the climate issue, yes. I know the plan is world wide and to remove most of humanity, wildlife and food sources.

This sets the stage for the next level in human evolution by the way. Coexisting with AI humans and non humans ( Robots etc). These things are implemented in gradual stages to be accepted by the masses. New technology that we  "cannot be without" to make life easier is the sweetner and then move in for the kill.

 I am not going to live in fear and what if's. Which is what these nutters want from humanity. There is energy harvesting to feed the parasites involved in all of this too don't forget. You cannot be on this earth and not be energy harvested (emotional energy/thoughts/ fears). You can learn to shield yourself from this though and also control the thoughts that you hold.

Notice where he talks about the police being issued with guns.These are basic guns that have been around for decades in one style or another. But as for terrorism, well what about the gangs roaming the streets in Melbourne? Are they not terrorising the public? No go zones for Australians, don't think they don't exist in Australia because they do.

Make no mistake about it, this is all a set up against Australians in their homeland. I don't have a problem with police being tooled up. But I would like to see them lay the smack down on thugs out of control in the streets of Melbourne or anywhere else for that matter. That is a clear and present danger. But no one dares speak of the elephant in the room, hell no. What about the abuse and violent attacks on EMS workers that the magistrates give a smack on the wrist to? All designed to destroy society. Hell I have no problem with the police laying the smack down on them. People will think twice if there is a danger of eating lead. So be it!

Joe Public is to scared to open his mouth in objection to the violent crimes because they will be accused of being racist, which is a deliberate ploy against decent people. Playing right into the hands of evil. No backlash against the judges and magistrates that allow criminals to roam the streets, why is that?. That is telling you something right there. The legal world do not care about keeping dangerous criminals off the street. It is all a political game at our expense. We do not have real justice in Australia, we never have.

What about those kids that destroy Air B n B houses? Lay the smack down on them too. We did not have this activity being allowed to happen years ago. It would have been stopped immediately.

We have corrupt individuals in positions of power controlling us, because they are being enabled by thick heads (the general public). Why the hell are there no lawyers speaking out on the crimes against  the Australian public? Answer is, they are all looking after number one and sod everyone else. They know what is going on and are keeping quiet, as some will move in to the filthy world of politics and they will not rock the boat. So think about what you are willing to live with, because times are changing fast this is a testing ground at present to see how far they can push the masses. So far so good.