Tuesday, 24 July 2018

5G The Silent Killer


I have not been posting much on here because I am busy. However I think people need to get serious in the research into 5G this is the worst thing on the planet at present that will affect your life.

If the masses accept this evil in their lives they only have themselves to blame. Your children and grand children will pay with their lives and so do all the innocent animals on the planet. This is the last wake up call to humanity.

Google how to insulate your home against this evil intrusion. You will find videos on YouTube also. I am at present trying to figure pout how to protect my home from this.

Don't you find it rather interesting that the Russians are against this technology, Fluoride and all the other deadly things the Western nations are forcing on their people? Force vaccinations and forced Fluoridation in the drinking water of most English speaking countries.