Sunday, 18 February 2018

Alex's Family Support Local Animal Charities

At the start of the year, I decided to share a lot of animal charity and lost or injured pet posts on my Facebook page. It really means a lot to me. I do not have the time and sometimes I do not have the health to help out physically. But I make generous donations regular. I support local based animal charities that are struggling with the amount of dogs, cats and other creatures in need.

Some of these poor little souls are in terrible condition and sometimes require surgery. The cost to a small charity is as you can imagine very difficult to sustain,  with the unrelenting bills.
Food, bedding, toys medication and of course surgery bills. I really am amazed at these people and their dedication to the fur babies. This is hard work and the sacrifices these people make is huge.

My family have always helps those in need, and at times  my family have been doing it tough too, both financially and health wise. We do not generally talk to others about these things, we are private people, and we do things privately such as when feeding people that have no money to buy food.

This has cost us dearly because we have been taken advantage of over the years. By people that are actually better off than us, and at times have preyed on us for being stupid and generous.
We give often to the Salvation army in clothing, household items and financially for over 30 years.
We would not donate things that we would be embarrassed to wear or use either.
I wash and iron everything and package them before going to donate the items.

I brought my family up to have a very strong moral and ethical compass. But this year while I may give quality clothes, food etc to the Salvation army, The MS society, etc. the money is going to the vulnerable animals in need. In Canberra alone the amount of homeless animals is staggering, and we are no where near the size of Sydney or Melbourne.

People will not de-sex their dogs and cats and eventually chuck them out, to fend for themselves.
Sometimes these poor little souls have been abused. All four of our cats came to us as kittens Slinky and Tolstoy came from the RSPCA, Garfield was abandon with his two little sisters a few weeks old.

A man that I know told me about them and I said bring them to me. We rehomed the two little girls. Giving them a little bag of toys each to take with them, to start them off in their new lives. We kept Garfield. Daisy came from a pet shop, she was sold at 4 weeks old.  The shop owner insisted that she was  six weeks old, (our vet confirmed how old she was). What kind of human beings do this to defenseless babies?

Kittens and puppies should stay with their mothers for 12 weeks. Do you know the stress this causes the mother as well as the babies? Just think of girls that have been forced to adopt their child at birth due to social stigma. That pain never goes away for mother and child. Do not think that animals are any different. Many cases have come to light of animals in distress after losing their babies.

Our dogs and cats  have been well fed and loved. They have a wonderful vet clinic they go to. Parkway Veterinary Clinic  in Kambah.

(They are like minded loving souls that also help the unfortunate animals, both domestic and wild.)

It really tugs at my families heart strings to see animals suffer so we do what we can when we can. We are not well off by any means, but our moral compass tells us to help those in need. This time it is the animals

If you want to help animals in need, your local area is the right place to start. Every little bit helps. Money, food, blankets, pet beds, toys etc. Please wash the items before donating them, this stops the chance of cross contamination occurring.  Not to mention it is downright rude and thoughtless.

I don't know how many animal charities there are in Canberra. But we donate to Jack Russell Rescue ( based between Queanbeyan and Sydney), Animal Rescue Fund, Canberra Street Cat Alliance and a couple of others.

Please, even if it is only a few cents now and then, please help them out. They will be so grateful.

Laundry detergents, pet shampoo's and medical things can be given too. QV wash  is a good option too. If it is safe for babies and sensitive skin it should be ok f or animals. If in doubt phone the charity and ask them.

They do not have time to come to you to pick the items up. You need to drop it in to them.
These people are so busy and do not have the luxury of time on their hands and most are working from their family homes and have families to care for also, so do keep that in mind.