Friday, 12 January 2018

Max Igan On YouTube

I have been aware of Max Igan for many years, I just didn't share his stuff on my blog. Max will be speaking via a link up to  the Open minds conference in Ireland in March 2 -4 2018, where a couple of my friends will be giving lectures too. So If you live in Ireland / Eire go along and see what they all have to say.

This is the link to Max Igan's YouTube channel,The Crow House. He is speaking about the AI take over, and as you are aware, I have been mentioning this too regarding the visions and dreams that I have.

This is a done deal to a large extent, because people are allowing themselves to be manipulated and do not want to " step out of line" with the masses. The reason being is, they do not want to be laughed at, or ridiculed for thinking outside the "permissible and acceptable way of thinking" and this is why this will succeed.

It is something that we are seeing creeping up by stealth.  Just take a look at the new movies being released  pushing the AI agenda. It is highly disturbing. I just hope that enough people have the intellect to see it for what it really is and not participate.

 Put it this way, do you care about what happens to your soul? Because that is what it comes down to. You snooze you lose! Make no mistake about it, THE FIGHT IS ON for your immortal soul.

The way society is going these days with violence, abuse of children and animals, may be some of the scum should be borged, to be kept under control.

Remember what I said about not violating cosmic law? The powers that be, must tell us their intentions. They are doing just that and like I said, obscuring the message because they know how to get around cosmic law. So is it all their fault when people say oh I like the sound of this technology?

It is a two way street, but the powers that be are so much more intelligent than the masses and know how people think. It is way to easy for them to entice the masses into accepting this abomination.

You ain't seen nothing yet though. You will though and then the laughter turns to tears. By that time there is NO going back. If you think you will be safe when you die, think again. If you have not read up on the soul trap, then do so, because it is all the same thing. The grid (Skynet) and the soul trap are both about enslavement. I do not think they will need the soul trap once AI is fully implemented.

So the souls than can no longer reincarnate here on earth are then incarnated (downloaded) on other planets and dimensions. Same deal over and over again until one wakens up. only then will the individual soul fragment be free for once in thousands if not millions of years. The task then is to seek out the higher self and only the higher self and work out if you wish to merge with your own higher self , or go somewhere for new experiences.

You are not and will not be free if you go to Lucifer's light (heaven) No you are still trapped. You are still part of the matrix if you go to the light. It takes great courage to avoid the light. Are you up to the challenge? If not, how are you going to stop the suffering life time after life time? This was not the original plan after all.