Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Cancellation Of Soul Contract And Declaration Of Human Sovereignty

With all my intention, I hereby declare my Human sovereignty  and true spiritual divinity, and foreclose, nullify and cancel all contracts and agreements with all entities throughout all of my lives in all dimensions and all timelines, planets and the between life area.
I no longer agree to or consent to karma as it is an artificial construct to enslave the soul.
I no longer agree to or consent to reincarnate as it is not in my best interest. 
I no longer agree to or consent to a vow of poverty and suffering.
I no longer agree to or consent to being lied to, manipulated and tricked into anything that is not in my best interest , truth or from a position of pure and unconditional love.
I no longer agree to  my energy being stolen, and I demand that my energy  be returned  to me immediately. As I return any energy that I may also have taken in error or without  knowing.
I do not agree or consent to any entities abducting and including experimenting on me physically or energetically, or in any other way or form.
I do not agree or consent to any agreements with my soul group or ancestry including taking on or sharing karma or suffering including ill health, poor mental health or poverty.
I no longer agree to or consent to this or any other lifetimes, anywhere and in any dimension, planets or timeline.
I do not accept any religious or spiritual teachings that are manmade  or are the creation of non friendly, dishonest and service to self entities such as the Anunnaki.
I do not agree or consent to communicating with dishonest spirit beings, non physical beings  or Interdimensional beings  including archons.
In the moment the I that I am, agrees only to interact with the most benevolent, service to others and honest entities with the highest expression of pure and unconditional love within the multiverse.

This declaration carries with it my energy signature as my binding stamp. To stand for all time on my akashic records, throughout this Universe and the Multiverse, and throughout the halls of learning and law and the halls of records for all time.    

Best not to leave out any important issue you want covered in your individual contract cancellation.