Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Fury As Doll Donated To Poor Child Ends Up For Sale In Northern Ireland Shop

This is a friend of mine  trying to do good for a child in need. I can understand her upset. Good on you Sandra. I will also state the comment made to the newspaper is not the whole and acurate story. As I spoke to Sandra at the time this happened, she is very upset.

But this is not the only charity that does things like this. Most charities are not squeaky clean. I know from my dealings with them and clients that work in the industry. I won't go into the details as it is a long and upsetting subject for me. I have been giving to various charities all  my life.  So I will leave it there. Lets hope Sandra's doll goes to a little girl that will enjoy it and perhaps know the story. She is getting a doll with an interesting history.

Merry Christmas to every one and especially to my friend Sandra Barr and to the family that her lovely doll is going to, I wish them all the best for the New Year xxx