Thursday, 3 November 2016

Sensis Yellow Pages Have Very Poor Customer Service

Just putting it out there, I am utterly disgusted with the staff at Sensis / Yellow Pages. Do not ever waste your money advertising with them. Having been a customer of theirs for at least 6 years I can tell you the service is abysmal.

Not only do they not listen to you, they screw up right left and centre. I have had on going issues since March 2016 with Sensis. I shall now describe my experiences with SENSIS.

Starting back in March 2016 I rang to update one word  (International) my on line advert, and have my account unlocked because I had locked myself out of my account.  I was given all sorts of information and that it would be fixed up. This went on for a couple of months causing a lot of frustration as nothing had been done. Unfortunately I did not know that the electronic version of my advert could not be updated until my current advert expired in November 2016, and I was not advised of that fact until I eventually had enough and asked repeatedly to be put through to a supervisor or manager in Australia. I got through to a very helpful " Relationship Manager". He informed me that the electronic format of my advert can't be changed until November 2016 due to the contract.

Sheesh, why could the call centre staff not tell me that in the first place. That would have made a big difference after all. But the issue of being locked out of my account still persists and it is only to day that I recall that this was not resolved. I can't fix it at my end or I would have done so.

Roll on October 18, 2016, I have an email reminding me that my advert is soon to expire. So being a good little organizer, I decided to call them to arrange the new updated advert. How hard can that be I thought.  Wrong, After a chat on the phone, repeatedly telling the chap I no longer have the number 0416010672 as I cancelled the number. No one can reach me on the number, not even staff from SENSIS can call the number. It no longer exists!

He said, OK, I will update that. Good I thought. Then the next thing was just to add the word International, in front of the word Clairvoyant. That should be easy, and can he please add my blog at the bottom of the advert. Sure no problem. Then it reverts back to the phone number issue again.

Then he tinkers about with the whole advert. It went from bad to worse. I  told him to leave the advert how it was other than the phone number  The word International and add my blog at the bottom.
This went on for ages trying to get this understood.

Just as I got that done, he then asks about my contact details. The phone number issue comes back up. The he had problems understanding the new email address for SENSIS to contact me on, which is What is difficult to understand there?

Eventually He said something to the effect of, I will have the Proof sent to you to check the wording is  correct. To date which is 8 days later and one email enquiry to SENSIS and no reply. I have not received either a paper or electronic copy of the Proof.

The cut off point is coming up and if alterations need to be done , then time is of the essence. I do not want my advert being lost in the pile of work to be processed. I depend on my advert for work.

So today I ring again and I am told it has not been done.  I asked to speak to a supervisor, to find out why it has so far taken 8days and no proofs have been sent to me. The email was not replied to either.
The man was polite all this time as he was the last times that I dealt with him. The thing I found funny through all of this was when he kept asking me, what sort of business is it.

Now that to me says attention to detail.....NOT!

The call centre man told me he has notified the person handling my account and they will call me back shortly. Just like the last time I might add. So   far 5 and a half hours have past and it is now 5.26pm Australian Eastern Standard time.  Some how I just knew that I was not going to get that phone call anyway. Perhaps it is because I am a Clairvoyant. Of course I knew he wasn't going to call me for heavens sake.

 But This is where I have taken steps. I issued a 24 hour dead line or I will escalate this over their heads, and I will to morrow morning. I also have the email and the contact phone number of the Relationship Manager, and have already sent him an email awaiting his response. This the second time that I have had to contact the Relationship manager which is an other name for a customer service manager.

I really do not like to have to do this but my business is very important to my clients and myself. I need to be able to be found via a phone book and on line as many people still use phone books while the younger people prefer to go on line. They search not just the Yellow Pages but many other sources that are available. So if SENSIS wish to keep customers, they need to lift their game. Because so far I am not very impressed by their poor quality customer service.  They have the cheek to have their hand out each month when a payment is due but the service is most definitely not up to standard quality service.

Now if you look at the link above, this company cannot provide what they are stating. 24 hour response  yeah right! Denying me the due service of talking to a relationship manager twice. Shame  on you SENSIS.

Update: I have been speaking to someone who was  in the upper management side of the Telecommunications industry, and was informed the staff in call centre's are trained NOT to inform clients of the existence of Relationship Managers and the fact that there are people on shore that they can complain to.

How utterly disgusting is that. I will not let this rest, and more than likely I will cancel my Yellow Pages advert for 2017. I am fully paid up with my 2016 account with no outstanding money owed, and a written note of date of payment and receipt number recorded on the document and put into my file system.

As soon as I have a bill of any sort, I pay it and I write the date, and time of payment and method of payment such as Bpay, and receipt number on each account bill. I have always done this going back to my days as a public servant, where all documents were dated, stamped and initialled with  the clerks initials, log on ID, in order for the person to be held accountable for each transaction or record of all documentation that the clerk has handled.