Wednesday, 16 November 2016

SENSIS/ YELLOW PAGES : Alex Fulford International Clairvoyant Medium Advert

Here we go again, I have been on the phone several times to the SENSIS, Relationship Manager in Melbourne about the screw up with the call centre staff  again.

The Relationship Manager is very supportive and really trying to help me with this on going screw up. I honestly don't know how he can work in a place full of idiots.  It would be enough to make a saint swear.

I have so far been asking him to help me get my advert wording correct, as the call centre staff can not seem to comprehend simple requests in placing or upgrading adverts. Now it has been going on for two weeks, with me having to call the Relationship Manager and constantly emailing him, with there being no improvements with the staff who are supposed to be working on my advert and account. The Relationship Manager  couldn't even work out what Dan had done  with my account.


According to the RM, he told me , he would be in contact with the man (Dan) that was responsible for the screw up and his manager to get this sorted. Dan was supposed to call me last week about this and didn't. That really instils confidence in a service provider and the quality of the staff ...NOT!

The problems will cost me clients for a start. Why pay for a service when no one can email me. Sure they got my phone number correct finally after a week, only through the RM intervening.

I still cannot get into my on line account to do anything. The idiots cannot reset a pass word! What sort of staff do they employ for heavens sake? This should be a simple process.

My email contact is still showing as my blog address. This has been a whole week now. PLEASE, DO NOT try to email me using the Yellow Pages link it goes no where . My blog does NOT have a mail facility. It is only set for people to read. My email address is on my blog though.  I do not use any other email for the public.

Now with this sort of issue going on , business people have very little options for customer satisfaction.  There are no physical offices to go to, to get this straightened out.  Customers are an inconvenience after all. Just fork over your money and hope for the best.

It is high time we got rid of overseas call centres and brought business back on shore and have offices or shop fronts, for people to go to, to get their business taken care of properly. I don't think that is ever going to happen though. Due to the fact that many people are so greedy, and are only care about the shares they have invested in. There is no accountability what so ever. Good luck trying to get customer satisfaction and people being held accountable. That does not happen in the real world. There are too many selfish and greedy people to prevent proper business transactions and real accountability.

I am one of the old fashioned people, that believe in good quality customer service and customer satisfaction. That is what I offer my dear and highly valued customers. If the client is not happy then I am not happy. I am also a firm believer in a duty of care, I do not care what line of work one does, it should be done to the highest standard with accountability.

I do not compromise on integrity and good customer service. I expect the same from SENSIS. As far as I am concerned SENSIS really lack credibility and good customer service. The Relationship Manager excepted, he has tried very hard to solve this issue. I have to get back on to him in the morning to let him know things are still not resolved.

UPDATE: 17th November, well after leaving a message on the relationship manager's phone this morning, (and emails that have been sent reminding him ) I  have not heard from him all day. Obviously  he knows what is the problem, after listening to my voice mail, however he has chosen  not to contact me. I have now sent an email to advise him, this evening,  to cancel my account immediately. Enough  is enough, I  cannot, deal with unethical businesses who do not do the right thing by their customers.

People, please consider  using on line advertising other than SENSIS Yellow Pages, They obviously do not care about their customers. There are many on line places to advertise and many are FREE.  I feel this will have an effect on companies like SENSIS and send a clear message to them to lift their game, if many people choose not to list with them.

UPDATE 23 November 2016, I just looked on the Yellow Pages on line and they still are running my advert, remember last week I emailed them to say take it down immediately? Well surprise surprise it is still there. What a useless lot they at, no doubt they will try to bill me for this. well that won't be happening. I told them in writing via their relationship manager James Barlow in Melbourne, whom I may add still has not responded to me from last week.

Name and shame until they do as instructed.

24 November 2016

Well how charming is this SENSIS Yellow Pages sent me a bill for $28.63, due on December 2016. I will not pay one cent, as I instructed them to cancel last week due to the ongoing issues at their end. Again I have just this minute emailed James Barlow in Melbourne stating my displeasure at this service not being cancelled, and that I have given the call centre one hour to cancel this account and phone me back or I will go to the media. I should not have to be put in this situation, this is not my doing nor my fault. I am a customer expecting quality customer service. That quality customer service is lacking.

I spoke to a person in the UK last night that had the same problem and cancelled her account a few years ago. Many people are responding to this on my private face book page in disgust. I have now added it to my renewed public face book page. It is all I can do at this stage to speak out at this appalling situation.