Thursday, 24 November 2016

Barlow, James

3:53 PM (33 minutes ago)
to me
Hi Alex,
Firstly, I’ve actioned everything you asked me to action. I actioned the changes to your ad and then when you requested for it to be cancelled I organised that too. 
I also created a case to have any bills related to the cancellation of that waived in anticipation that a bill may be sent for the cancellation.  An advertiser solutions rep has already been assigned to take care of that. 
That was done yesterday as I’ve been off work sick prior to that.  The bills are automated,  I did not personally send that to you. 
For what it’s worth, I have so many clients to look after and I’m engaged for hours every day looking after various things for various customers.    
Sometimes it’s not possible to action every request immediately as they come through.  With that said, I actually have actioned your requests and apologise that was not done in a time frame you found satisfactory. 
Just to reiterate, your ad has been cancelled and someone was already assigned to waive any cancellation fees.
To my understanding, that covers your specific area of concern. 
Kind Regards,
James Barlow

Relationship Manager | Customer Relationship Channel
222 Lonsdale Street Melbourne VIC 3000
P 03 9244 1223
From: Alex Fulford [] Sent: Thursday, 24 November 2016 12:39 PMTo: Barlow, James <>Subject: RE MY ACCOUNT BEING CANCELLED
HI  James.
I just got a bill for $28 in the mail today. No bloody way will I pay this. You have let me down here. Foolishly I thought you would do the right thing and cancel my account last week as per email. So today I get a bill in the mail I have rung the call centre to complain and insist that the cancellation is done in one hour or I will go to the media this afternoon. Yes your name will be mentioned too.
I have given you the opportunity to cancel this account and you have not done so. You have left me no choice but to escalate this matter. You have not responded to my emails nor my phone call in which I left a message. That is intolerable customer service.

Alex Fulford
International Clairvoyant-Medium
APA/IPA Psychic of the year 2013 (ACT)
Writer and Radio host
0474 286 636

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UPDATE: 4.44pm
to James