Monday, 29 June 2015

Wes Penre message and an update on my movements.

I have only just got  the time to post this, life is very busy and hectic for me at present, so please just bear with me. My life is taking sudden and different turns at present and I do not have much time to post on my blog at present.

I am in the process of moving my family out of Canberra. It is not a sudden move but a careful  and time managed move. Spirit are directing me interstate for work that I have to do. I do love Canberra, but my life is being directed as I say, to something different at this stage.  I have no idea what and when at this stage, however as soon as I have more information to share with you I will.

Now on to Wes's stuff. For those of you that are reading his papers, this is the letter that he posted and was mysteriously removed from the internet by persons unknown. A facebook buddy posted this a few days ago on his page. So I am sharing it too, as that is what Wes is telling everyone to do. To assist humanity in the mass wake up. I didn't know that this new blog existed until the weekend as I have my own things to do and family life going on at break neck speed. So long story short possums. Read it and share it LOL.

This little possum is running on empty at present and is in need of a rest and a good sleep. I am stuck in Canberra at present, but holding the intention of moving down the NSW South Coast, whether it be in 2 months, six months or in twelve months. There is work there for me and I will look for a new radio station when I have the time and energy. Like many people I am feeling the stress and strain of life on earth at present and to move to a quiet location is what I need to re charge my batteries, and take on the next task that is being presented to me by spirit.
Sheesh, they never cut a person any slack. But I am letting them know not to push me or I shall just sit down and sulk.

Those that are following Wes Penre's work. It is worth downloading this stuff and may be either sticking it on a data stick or print the document as it may not be on line for long, just like that last time.

Best wishes to all Alex xxx