Sunday, 12 April 2015

Tomakin Psychic Fair 11 April 2015

I had the most wonderful day at the Psychic fair at Tomakin yesterday. I was booked out solid. Which is a good thing, but so exhausted after the fair.  It was wonderful to meet up with the people that I worked with last year and meet some new people this year especially the lovely people that gave me the pleasure of reading their cards for them. I fully intend to be of service to the Tomakin community for as long as I can. I do intend to move down to the South coast as soon as humanly possible. It is such a beautiful place  and I am sure it is a gardener's paradise. So that is a big plus in my books. I love my garden and an preparing some of my plants for a move to a nice new garden.
Much as I love Canberra, the south coast beckons as I have spiritual work to do there.

When I find the right house I will be off like a frog in a sock. That is sad news fords here in Canberra I know. But, you will always have a place to stay when at the coast, with lots of love and warmth. Good company and fur babies is what it is all about.